Monday, February 09, 2009

Writers Block

Hello friend, you the one that comes and read my ramblings even though they are not the most interesting lines you'll ever read. You the one that bothers to read and then comment because you know that commenting is like food for our thoughts. You the one that live at the other side of the world and yet decided to keep coming back over and over again. You the one draws my thoughts, you the one that have inspired me. You the one that have related you whole life story to me, you the one that fight for what you believe and are not afraid to speak your mind. You the one that comes daily and lurks around without leaving a trace yet I know you were here.

You the one that have showed me so many wonderful images, you the one that is related to me. You the one that entertains me, and you the one that came and went. So many friends met and many more yet to be meet. To all my Internet acquaintances, those that I didn't know before and wouldn't have ever met without the help of this machine.

You the real, and you the false, you the one that came and went. There's so many things to learn, people to meet, phrases to say, posts to write, and blogs to share. Write about anything, anything that comes to mind, write of what you want to share, and write of what you want to say. You can be creative, you can make no sense, you can write with style or with nothing to say. Write for the fun, write for the love, write for the reason you started your blog.

Can't think of anything, that I want to say, my life is too boring, it's senseless to share. Having writers block? What the heck is that? As long as there are letters, something will come up. If you think it's hard, I say you are wrong, it's just in the keyboard and fingers galore, hit those keys and read the words and before you know it you'll say... What in the heck am I writing? Yep I rally have nothing to say so I'll ramble no more, see you tomorrow and go friend go on.


Marya said...

Well In the end my dear did have something to say...hahaha. =) Even with writers block... I'll lurk through your blog...

I lovee You!

ChrisJ said...

Well you did end up having something worthwhile to say. I read it to the I usually do.

Erin said...

LOL - you always know how to take any post and make it into something that makes you think :-) You're the best Jose!

Betty Flocken said...

Love this post... Love ALL your posts

Michelle Duckworth said...

Haha you're funny... YOU can;t ever have writers block.

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