Saturday, March 21, 2009

Local Car Show

There's a small church right around the corner from where I live and for three consecutive years they have thrown a Hot Rod Car Show. For one reason or another I had never been able to go see the cars but last night told mi chica to wake me up early on Saturday so I could go.

Saturday is my day to sleep late but I had plans for this particular Saturday. Not only was the Hot Rod show going on but the Thunderbirds were in town and there was going to be a huge air show over at Luke's Air Force Base. Our "Ducky" is at his four years of age a huge Hairplaine aficionado and so Nikki thought taking him would be a must. But more on this later on a different post.

Now, back to the car show. I got up and took a refreshing shower so I could wake up. Then I headed to the car show which was about two minutes away from me. Yeap if you guessed that I drove instead of walked you are right. Walking would have taken me abut ten minutes to get there and it was already hot. There was plenty of parking at the church and I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a great turnout for the event. Both in cars being displayed and in spectators walking around enjoying the show cars.

There was a little bit for everyone, plenty of Chevy's and Fords and some Buicks and Oldsmobiles, Cadilacs, a DeLorean, and even a few custom bikes. I of course concentrated on the Blue Oval kind of machinery but I squeezed a couple of Bow Ties for my son.

Just a small portion of the car on display this morning. It was a little hot but hey it was a HOT ROD show after all.

There were even a couple of old Datsun 240Z, and to my surprise a 59 BMW. Now 59 wow, that is as old as I am. I never stopped to check what a 59 BMW would look like and today there it was right in front of me. Funky little thing isn't it? But sure enough, look closely and there it is right on the front center. The BMW propeller.

This little red BMW just happened to be a '59. How about that. I didn't even know they had BMW back then.

It was hot and sunny and not one cloud on the sky. Many of the people displaying their cars sat there but I am sure it had to be very uncomfortable and sticky. Next Saturday my car club, the Copperstate Mustang Club will be having our Spring Car Show and let me tell you we are pretty smart because we are having the show in the afternoon. So at that time we should only get a short time of heat and then nothing but nice afternoon shade and breeze.

Again there will be more on that show in some upcoming posts.

This are some more shots of the cars on display. From the Datsuns to the Ford to the boney driver on this hot rod. All in all a good show with close to sixty awesome looking cars on display.


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