Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pre-show Predictions

American Idol, while still very entertaining is losing its credibility. Rumor goes that the top four will be Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert, Alexis Grace, and Lil Rounds. I have been saying for the two seasons that the show has got to be fixed. Although its obvious that these four would be top four anyway the rumor was leaked as a fact.

Last week I voted for three people, no let me correct that I attempted to vote for three people but was only able to vote for two. I dialed our local boy's Scott McIntire, and big (no pun intended) underdog Michael Sarver and had absolutely no problem getting in. Actually every time I hit the send button it was a sure call. However, when I tried dialing Anoop's number it would never do anything but stay on a dead tone. I could not log even one call, I was totally surprised to see he made it to this week. I do think he has a bigger fan base than Michael and even Megan but on Idol mysterious things are happening.

Still, it's fun to try and predict who will be leaving and here are my pre-show predictions.

The bottom three will be: Michael Sarver although he is going to sing his heart out tonight and will probably sound great, I just don't think he has the fan base. Anoop Desai will once again be the target of the judges, specially seƱor Simon, if it's country week he won't be in his element, I still think people will vote for him just because so far he has been very likable. And lastly Megan Corkrey, eh did I mention I can't get pass her tattoos, I'm not even going to mention her dancing. I really think Megan may be the one living tomorrow.

Who do you think will get the boot?


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