Monday, March 16, 2009

I Do Realize How Blessed We Are

I am going to work
And I'm thinking hard
I hope things change soon
I don't want them to be this bad.

Can't live with uncertainty
On the back of my mind
It's easier to keep pacing
one tiny step at a time

Looking around me
It's scary at times
What has happened to others
May just decide to visit us

So I kindly close my door
To keep the uncertainty out
I don't mean to be rude or mean
I just don't want to socialize

I want to know what's coming
I need to be aware
Don't want any surprises
That my heart may just not bear

So waking up each day
Knowing I have a job
I send a quick little prayer
To the almighty up above

Thank you lord for another day
Thank you lord for all you do
Thank you lord for my whole family
The one that was a gift from you

Things could be a lot worse
And yet you are kind to us
I guess we are being lucky
And blessed you are here with us.



catscratch said...

Well said. Very well said.

Lately I've been going in circles, questioning everything and driving myself insane.

Betty Flocken said...

Love this

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