Friday, March 27, 2009

Rock Band Session

As I previously said, today is Diego's birthday. I called him to sing him the happy birthday song but he was visiting his Nanis so I went to Manny's for a little while. Normally when I go to Manny's I have a couple of tacos but today my Son and his whole family came to the house to visit Diego and to wish him a happy birthday, since Diego was MIA they invited me to go eat at Baja Fresh. We had a couple of Mahi Mahi tacos and they were pretty delicious.

Karaoke night usually ends at 9:00 but I had told mi chica I would be home earlier today. For the past month we look forward to Friday because she has been cooking fish. She had never attempted to cook fish before and all of a sudden she is like a pro at it. Man for the fourth week in a row she made the most delicious fish tacos and I am hooked. Doctor's orders for me were to eat more fish and I think we are meeting those demands with no problem whatsoever.

So, I came back home and Diego was back so a huge hug and a bunch of kisses later he asked me if I could join him in a set of songs in Rock Band Hero or whatever the name of the game is. So I did and again we did pretty good. I think the game must have loved us because we kept getting good scores.

Anyway, the perfect close for a good day. Tomorrow he has his birthday party, to say he is excited about it is an understatement.



Betty Flocken said...


Michelle said...

You said Rock Band Hero...

ChrisJ said...

Happy Birthday, Diego! I know you like fish Jose, but the question is does Diego. It's his birthday. I had some of the best fish I've had in the States last week. Green thresher shark. Mmmm! It was good. But the plain old fish n'chips in my fishing village in Flamborough (England)cannot be beaten anywhere.

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