Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm Almost Recovered

Oh man this was not good at all, I don't even know if I had the flu or not but I had something that put me down since Thursday night. My nose and the toilet paper and in a sort of relationship that they never thought would develop. I felt better yesterday and we were able have our Easter Dinner at my son's house.

This morning I woke up and got up to turn the shower on but I immediately asked mi chica whom by the way is also sick to turn it off. I really needed one more day to recuperate. For the most part I am feeling a lot better but now I have a body ache. Could be from too much bed time but I just think my body has taken a toll between the constant nose blowing and this pain in the butt of a cough that I too developed along the way.

Now it is very important to be well by Thursday night because we need to be 100% next week for our California trip. We've been waiting for it for too long to be all sick.

A dear friend of mine that some of you may already know is going to have an operation next Thursday. Wanda of "Brushstrokes from the Heart" will need many prayers and good wishes not only from those of us that know her and love her but from anybody else that may want to send prayers her way. A soothing comment from a stranger sometimes moves mountains, please keep her in mind during this week.

Wanda's strength in her faith is one of the biggest things she has going for her as she gets ready to do what is needed to do for her to conquer this. Please join me in keeping her in our minds and prayers.

The plan still is to leave for Los Angeles on Friday early morning so we can get there at an early time that will allow us to rest, after that it will be a hectic weekend.



Nikki said...

Nothing but prayers going to Wanda from the Duckworths. :]]]

Elena said...

Que bueno que ya te sientas mejor para nuestro viaje, cuidate mucho porque lo que uno menos quiere es estar enfermo cuando sale de paseo.

Le pido a Nuestro Senor Jesucristo que ponga sus benditas manos en las del medico que opere a Wanda para que todo salga muy bien, y que se recupere pronto.

Michelle said...

Tell me about it... my nose had the same relationship with the toilet paper in my bathroom. And now that I think about it... it loves Arielle and Alayna the same way.

Well I am washing and semi-packing as we speak... lots to do so little time.

Wanda is always on my mind... you know that. I sent her a message though anyway.

Erin said...

Well I sure hope you feel better!!! Going to California huh? I'm sure it goes without saying, bring back lots of pictures :-)

Hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family Jose!

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