Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Little From Here and There

A quick note, Wanda's operation is tomorrow, if you read this and feel like spreading some cheer say a prayer for her and maybe even give her a heart warming comment on her blog.


OK here's the skinny on things. It's Wednesday and I am still not a hundred percent, although I still say I'm getting better. I'm telling ya, that affair between the toilet paper and my nose continues to grow more intimate. Not my idea of a romance though, I would just be as happy if we parted ways right this instant.

The Fabulous Fords Forever car show is this weekend, but now my Mustang decided not to be so fabulous and decided to break down yesterday. Ugly grinding sound tells me it may not make the trip. This changes things as we were planning on leaving Friday morning. The good thing is that I am grateful it happened here as I was leaving my sister's house and not out in the middle of nowhere or in California.

Mi chica and I contemplated on renting a car for the weekend and still let the kids use our van but nowadays renting is not cheap. You figure with this economy we would have found some deals but nope, it didn't happen. My father in law will still try to check my car and try to determine what's wrong with it. He's been known to fix it very quickly on previous occasions so that one tiny little hope is still alive. Otherwise I will have to lose my entry fee for the car show.

Anyway, one way or another, we are all looking forward to our California Trip. Final tally came to about 30 of us going to Cali for the weekend. Should be fun, should be wild, should be a one of a kind trip, but then again all of our trips are.

And in other news, American Idol is way too equal this year. The heavy favorites continue to move forward even when they are out sang by the lesser favorites. I watched the show last night and came to the conclusion that what I said last week about Lil not being all that was reaffirmed this week. I just don't get the hype, in the meantime Allison Iraheta consistently out sings her week after week, why isn't she getting the fan base is beyond me. I just don't get it.

Danny, a super favorite from the beginning has left me wondering if he really is as good as they have promoted him to be. Truth is I was bored with his performance as was I bored with Kris'. The song Kris sang may have won an Oscar but it was still very slow and boring for this competition.

Matt, blows my mind one week and disappoints the next, I wouldn't be shocked if he leaves tonight, but people have set Anoop as their target. Again, why don't people like him, he has shown he can sing. I for one want to see him again next week. I do.

And what can I say about Adam, this guy has been the most unpredictable contestant ever. I seems that every week millions of us are just waiting to see what he is going to come up with, other than during Country Week which I hated his rendition of Rings of Fire, I have liked everything else he has come up with. Watching this guy is like watching a concert already, yes I think he is that good.

I know to many I am way off, but I would really, really love an all Rock finale with Allison and Adam being the last two standing. Danny lovers before you start hating me just remember Taylor Hicks. It really isn't cool to be the winner when you know in fact you were not.



Chely said...

Sorry to hear about your car. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ya=D

On Idol news, I for one LOOOOOVED
Danny's rentition of "Rings of Fire". I enjoyed the Middle Eastern sound given to the song. It was awesome. I like his kind of rock sound and look because he resembles my "Rock en Espanol" favorite artists. It is a more "Alternative Rock" sound.

I too hope that it comes down to Danny & Allison for last two standing.

A Rock Finale would be great. Let's see what happends.

BTW - Who got kicked out on Wednesday???

Michelle said...

Feel better Daddy. Oh and hope your car feels better too. If not... then you'll get to see my smiling face on our drive to California TOGETHER!

Betty Flocken said...

Hope you can get your car fixed before tomorrow! That's not o.k. Looking forward to meeting Michelle today!

Jose said...

Chely - Don't Sixto is giving it a shot, don't know if it will be ready though.

Danny did not sing Ring of Fire, it was Adam. Argg the worst he's done. But he came back and redemmed himself every week. Including this week.

So, the "judges" finally used their free ticket and saved Matt, next week two will be eliminated.

michelle - Your grandpa is tryind but if I have to ride with you, you nerver have a smiley face, you are actually kindda grumpy.

betty - loking forward to the weekend. If you meet Michelle I hope you all have fun.

MrManuel said...

Bummer about your car. Car problems are never any fun.

Good luck to your friend.

Erin said...

I still say I'm not a fan of Adam!1

Hope you are feeling better and are having a great weekend!

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