Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Mac Tonight

Mi chica really loves Mac Donalds coffee, I think I have mentioned that before so on a certain outing my daughter Nikki whom is about to graduate from The Phoenix Art Institute, her husband, his brother, and I went to buy a Mac.

I was thinking how much I like the classic hamburger with the secret sauce, the pickles, and no lettuce or tomato. I am not a fan of yellow cheese but I know many people can't have theirs without cheese. I was treating so for a moment there I thought about super sizing. Yep, it would be a perfect Mac Tonight.

Riding in the back seat of their little Kia SUV I thought I was being kidnapped, our local Mac place is only about a mile away, so why was I on a freeway for over 20 minutes? Kidnapped I say, too bad there's no money for ransom. lol

Best Buy? Ummmm why this is not sounding tasty to me? So we walk in and before I can say "can you help me" I find out that we are already at the counter paying and they are asking for my debit card. But what is it I am buying here? This is not our regular Mac place.

Nikki and her graduation present. Your mom and I hope you like it. What am I saying I now you like it. Ufff, am I glad I didn't supersized it. And all this time I thought I was talking about a Big Mac, sorry you'll have to settle for that little Mac.



Nikki said...

<33333333 <333 <3<33 <3<3<3 <3333333<33333333333<3 <3 <3 <3

Betty Flocken said...

Nikki! Congrats on your new MAC!!! I'm praying hard right now so I don't drool the envy!!!! Wonderful choice! Congrats on finishing school too!

Erin said...

First of all, congratulations Nikki!!!! That is so awesome, not only getting the MAC but graduating - kudos to you!!

Second - what a great dad you are Jose! Um, if I graduate college will you buy me a Mac too?? LOL - just teasing ;)

Nikki said...

Still have 3 months, but Im PRACTICALLY THERE! Its gonna fly Im sure of it...

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