Friday, April 10, 2009

Oh No I'm Sick

Now here's a rare thing for me to blog about but I am sick. I woke up yesterday and I told I had a severe case of allergies, I went to work and stuck it out all day but as I got to my mom's house for dinner I was feeling miserable. I only stayed with her for a short while and headed home. By the time mi chica got there I was hot, so needless to say I stayed home on Friday and did absolutely nothing but stay in bed.

I am just getting up, mi chica came home and cooked some very delicious fish for me and I'm already feeling a little better. Luckily I have Saturday and Sunday to get well.

I am hoping I'll be fine on Sunday because the plan is to go to my son's house for Easter. I will be so nice to have my whole family there. I know my seven grand kids always look forward to the Easter Egg Hunt and to the treats they get in their baskets. Should be a nice time. Maybe on Sunday I'll post some pictures as I am sure they will all look grand in their new outfits mi chica bought for them.



Nikki said...

Would be nice if someone let ME know! I would have showed up at your house at 1!

Betty Flocken said...

Oh Joe! I hope you're feeling better today.

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