Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Power Of The Spokesman

Only two more weeks and we will be on our way to California for the Fabulous Fords Forever Carshow at Knott's Berry Farm. Although we missed it the past two years this will be our fifth time going since I joined The Copperstate Mustang Club. I will be driving the Mustang as this year Ford celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the Fox Bodied Mustangs which mine is one of them. As always we will be going to the amusement park on Saturday and then us guys will do the show on Sunday while the girls do their girly stuff.

Megan knew her time had come and so she went out with a bang. She told Simon that she liked him a lot but she just didn't care about his critique as she once again was chosen to be a bottom three contestant. The she acted silly pretending she was a crow and flew to her stool while she made this crow like noises. A few minutes later she finds out she is the one leaving and when Ryan asks Simon if they would consider saving her, he proceeds to tell "With all due respect when you said you didn't care, neither do we", no we will not save you just do your good bye or your swan song and be on your way. Ouch! She took it graciously and didn't seem to be affected by it, she once again performed the song and in the end when all the other contestants came to her she finally broke in tears. The musical guest was Lady Ga Ga, I think the only reason they asked her to perform was to use her as a vivid example of what the contestants should NEVER sing in the show unless they want a ticket back home.

How did this guy become the spokesman or should l I said spokesdog for Taco Bell. I think his whole speaking repertoire was "You Quiero Taco Bell". I think if he would have said "Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof" would have been more realistic. I think he's been fired though.

Here's another one that made it big and he is a nudist. In one of the commercial they bring him a little suit but he prefers to go al fresco and obviously refuses to wear it. And so people continue to listen and buy car insurance as naked gecko advises.

This guy is totally creepy. I have said it before, just because of him I don't go to Burger King. What possessed them to even think of these series of commercials.

This one for sure is one of my favorite spokesman, OK spokesbeagle. And he irony is that he doesn't even speak.

And again this is why I like Knott's Berry Farm. Snoopy is a sort of spokesbeagle for the place. If you know me a little bit then you'll remember that I love Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the whole peanuts gang. The whole lot of them.

As my grandkids tell me when they see Snoopy. "Look grandpa there you are".



Betty Flocken said...

Great Post! I really enjoyed it. That burger king guy give me the creeps too.
Have fun at Knotts Berry Farm

Jose said...

Isn't it kindda amazing that we buy a product based on who the spokesperson is. Knott's coming up in two weeks. Yey.

Michelle said...

The King is scary. His head is too big. But Snoopy is cool.

Yay for Knotts!

Jose said...

Michelle - Hey Jack's head is too big too but he is not scary at all. Actually Jack is way cool, he cracked his head in that commercial durng Super Bowl but he recovered and is back in action. lol

Wanda said...

I like Snoopy too.... He's the best.

BTW ~~ When you are at Knotts Berry Farm, you will be in walking distance to my son Myk's home. Like two blocks...

What dates are you going to be there... ??

Myk has his rubber band guns in several places at Knotts.


Erin said...

Do you know that Lady GaGa has the top rated song on the top 40 and billboard charts? Seriously, I have never heard of her at all until that show and now I hear her all over the place (and that is NOT a good thing!)

So glad that Megan left!!!!! Can't wait for this week!

Jose said...

wanda - We should meet, hope the schedules agree.

Erin - I didn't know who she was, when she started singing my daughter said "Oh I like this song". As I listened to it a basically told her she could have it. Not my style of music at all.

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