Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saturday, Not Quite as Planned

Mi chica and I before she got her "chiripiorca" or as she calls them her "Tarantarans"

Saturday we woke up early enough to get a good jump start at Knott's. We all left from different places but at around the same time. We got to Knott's after an uneventful drive save the big truck that took the curve to go into the 91 Fwy too fast and lost it. I can almost hear the drive going no, no, no, nooooooo... oh crap! Yeap, the truck's side was totally on the floor.

The New Generation.
My little duck in the front was like two full inches short from the line so he couldn't do any of the rides. Poor thing, he did a lot of crying.

But in the end they all have a lot of fun, specially at Camp Snoopy.

Some of us wonderful guys, what would our chicas do without us? From left to right, my son, my son in law, me, and my other son in law.

We got to Knott's, parked and immediately proceeded to walk to the park. Since we had tickets we didn't have to stand in the already long lines. We went in fairly fast and started taking pictures. Once we got in there we went to the Roaring Rapids, I thought it would be better to get wet in the morning and not in the afternoon. Then we went to the bumper cars and while some of us rode in them the rest stayed buying food.

I had just asked mi chica if she was feeling good and she said she was. We were sitting there eating, I got up to take a picture and when I turned around mi chica told us she was getting dizzy. Well, if a matter of minutes her and I were driving back to my brother in law's house. We got there and she immediately went to bed where she rested for the following four hours and then woke up as if nothing happened.

I chose not to go back to Knott's but I did take a fast trip to the local Harley Davidson dealership for some drooling. Every time I go there I wish I could own a whole fleet of those bikes.

Yeap, I was drooling. These babies are nice.

After watching two movies, "Grand Torino" and "Underworld 3" I still had enough outside day light to go out and wash the car to make it presentable for the next day. Not the way I had planned it but still a very relaxing and fun day for me.



Michelle said...

Well we had a long exhausting day... so you didn't miss much. Lots of whining... lots of crying... lots of screaming... all from the adults of course. LOL But the kids had a blast... all that matters.

Jose said...

michelle - LOL that's too funny about the crying and screaming. But hey, as long as the kids had a blast that's all that matters. Now if only Ducky grows an inch in a year we'll be happier.

Chely said...

"Well we had a long exhausting day... so you didn't miss much. Lots of whining... lots of crying... lots of screaming... all from the adults of course. LOL But the kids had a blast... all that matters."


Sorry to hear about Sylvia. We prayed for her at church on Sunday=)

How was your day at Knott's on Sunday? How did the car show go?

Jose said...

chely - Yeah, she gets her chiripiorcas a cada rato pero we are adapting. Thanks for the prayers, they are mighty powerful and they always help.

The car show was fun for me as usual, Loyiel always enjoys it and junior liked it too, it was his first time there. The downside was that we had Ducky and Noe and it was a heck of a hot day and they had to tough it out. Poor things, other than that I always have a blast.

Betty Flocken said...

Great Post! Yours and Michelle's are funny because I can tell, they were written by two generations!
Glad you had fun!

Erin said...

So sorry that your beautiful wife could not stay and enjoy it! But it looks and sounds like the kids had a fabulous time! Too bad about ducky :( i'm sure he was so sad to see the older ones going on the rides without him... although it makes an excellent reason for him to drink more milk!! (or at least you can tell him that, lol)

Jose said...

betty - Yeah, it's funny because we see thing on different perspectives.

erin - It's always one thing or another but the we made the best of it anyway. When we went back to my brother in law's she went to sleep and I went to the Harley Davidson dealership. I had my fun. lol

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