Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Car Show

It's Sunday and we have to be in the parking lot before 10:00 am or they will close the doors on us, it's a good thing I had the opportunity to wash the car on Saturday. On previous years I had to get up at 6:00 am to wash the car. Both my sons in law were coming with me, my daughter threw us a huge curve and sent the kids with my in law.

Oh, I'm all about family and kids but this show is not designed with kids in mind. The cars parked out in the open parking lot, this particular Sunday was hella hot and the pavement makes it even hotter. Usually about 2000 cars give or take register and this Sunday was no exception. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Fox Bodied Mustangs I thought they would keep us all together. Normally Fox Body Mustangs are sent way to the back of the parking lot. Well this year was no exception but for whatever reason this year the convertibles got prime spot and while all cars were parked inside the parking lanes us convertibles got a spot and a half, meaning we had plenty of space in between cars. Too awesome!

Anyway, back to the kids, I got to babysit the whole day. We walked up and down the rows and rows of cars at the mercy of the sun and a few hours later I knew they were suffering. My little Duck was in his stroller so he didn't even take one step but Noe walked as much as I did, he was tired and sunburned and finally Loyiel very against his will had to head back home to take them to safety.

Junior and I stayed to film some of the cars leaving the park. They changed the way we exited so to keep the cars from doing burnups, the wimps, what's a little burnout before leaving the show. The endless parade of cars which by the way are mostly Mustangs is usually enjoyed by bystanders that know about the show. They'll sit there giving the participants a thumbs up.

Once on the freeway it's Amazing how many Mustangs were on it. In California the speed limit seems to be a suggestion as most cars drive extremely fast. Just wait until Arnold decides to put cameras on the highway as they did here in Arizona.

We finally got home at around 4:00 and I was exhausted from the heat. As I walked in the house and sat on the couch, no let me rephrase that, and layed on the couch I was out for the next two hours.

I had every intention of visiting Wanda and my sister but by the time I woke up it was too late. So Wanda and Chely, there's always a next time.


1 comment:

Wanda said...

Hey Jose and Sylvia ..... there will be another time.. I wasn't in the greatest shape for visitors anyway... you would have caught me in PJ's and no lipstick...((smile))

So to the future....

Love and Hugs

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