Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wow! What a Show.

Before I read anybody's comments just let me say that last night was by far the best American Idol night in a long time. Five finalists, five outstanding performances. Wow!

Unfortunately I have never liked Kris so even though they said he set the standard so high I have already forgotten his performance. Allison still one of my favorites and will hate it if she is the one that gets the boot tonight. Matt should have shinned last night and yet he left me wondering why was he saved, Anoop would have done way better with the Standards.

I am not a Danny fan but must admit last night he kicked major butt. Wow! And double wow! I didn't know the song he sang but it sounded awesome. There is no way that can be topped... or so I thought. Adam closed the show by taking possession of the stage, and showing his many, many, many, many followers why he should win.

This kid has it made. Even if he doesn't get the title this year he will definitely get the best and probably most profitable record deals. Not to mention he has what it takes to fill up arenas. As I watched his performance last night I couldn't help but think of Freddy Mercury. Yeap, I think this kid is that great.

And now next week I believe it's going to be Big Band night... wow! Can't wait.


1 comment:

Betty Flocken said...

YEAH but have you seen Hells Kitchen!!!! One reality show I do watch..!

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