Sunday, May 10, 2009

El Weekend

It was a nice weekend, in the endless amount of birthday parties Saturday was my niece's birthday. It was held at my mom's house and let me tell you it was a hot day in Phoenix. Fortunately there are a couple of huge trees in my mom's backyard that provide tons of shade and then after the sun went down so did the temperature. All in all we all had a good time but best of all the kids had a great time. Why braking piƱatas and eating cake and ice cream always does the trick. So, happy birthday Fernanda you are now one year old, whoohooo!

My son called and invited us to go to Prescott for lunch. It was a treat for the moms and the plan was to take mi chica, his wife, and her mom. We agreed to go and started on our trek. We needed to gas up so I stopped at the gas station and I noticed that mi chica was making noises as in I am not feeling so good this morning kindda noises so we decided to head back to the house and cancelled on going to Prescott.

I knew it had to do with the medication and the fact that we were on empty stomachs but as soon as I got home I went to Chipotle's and got us a pair of the biggest burritos that they make and had a great breakfast. After that she went to bed and I crashed on the couch and pretty much slept for the next four hours. Wow, that was good. lol

My son, his wife and the kids stopped by as they came back from Prescott and spent the next two hours with us. We had a nice time. The only thing is that I didn't get a chance to go see my mom but I will make up next Tuesday when I go to her house.

I hope all the moms out there had a great day.



Betty Flocken said...

Sounds like a VERY restful Mother's Day!

Nikki said...

That makes two of us! I didn't know you guys cancelled lol. I'll be seeing momma soon school til Thurs!

Chely said...

Awww no wonder my mom was sad when I called her. She was all alone and I felt sad for her=(

I'm also sorry to hear about your chica.=( We've been praying for her at church.

Erin said...

Sorry you didn't get to go to Prescott, but the weekend sounds nice otherwise!! I hope she had a wonderful day :-)

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