Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tonight No American Idol For This Kid

Since I don't really care for American Idol tonight I'll have to find something else to watch. I really think that this season was the worst season ever. With all the changes they did something was bound to go wrong. I hated the idea of a fourth judge but Kara won me over, the downside was that four critiques would take way too long and this year was a war between the judges. Boring!

Judges coming down the stairs like if they are the stars... Not! I am glad they stopped that. The list of failed changes is way too long and still I hanged in there until last week. It's like nobody can explain how is it that Allison was booted out and now the remaining three have only a top one. So, no I don't care to watch tonight or even next week, and if Adam is not cheated out of the obvious win I will
watch the finale.

At least we will soon have my new favorite reality show. So You Think You Can Dance. I don't foresee them coming up with stupid changes, someone said give change a chance but it's hard to give something a chance when you clearly can see it won't work.

It's obvious that Nigel Lythgoe knew something we didn't last year as he wisely left American Idol. But hey we'll see how the cookie crumbles from now on.

Does anybody out there really think that Danny will outshine and out sing Adam?



Wanda said...

You know Jose, I didn't like this season at all, and only watched a couple.... and then found something better on TV.

There were a few seasons I wouldn't miss a show.... but that was then and this is now.


MrManuel said...

No American Idol? Now THAT is something I can get behind!

Erin said...

I have to say I agree with most of what you said... the season beginning had me hooked as usual, but as it went on I started losing interest. Alison getting kicked off was kind of the last straw for me. I'm still a Danny fan, but mostly because I don't like the theatrics that Adam is prone too. Either way, I'm bored out of my mind with it, and really only watch the Tuesday episode at the end to see who gets kicked off. If I happen to flick from something else and see someone sing, i'll comment, but that is about all. Waiting anxiously for next season and hope for something better!

Betty Flocken said...

Well, we enjoy NCIS and the Mentalist on Tuesday nights???

Jose said...

It will take me a while but I will pull away from it. lol


i watched it a couple of times but my husband does not like it so there we go two more tvs but i am not getting out of bed for any show except "house"

Chely said...

Yea this season sucked=p

My pick for final two were also; Allison & Adam.

I watched sporadickly as well because it was not as exciting for me either.

I will check out the finale though.

Jose said...

chely - I am an AI freak and didn't miss a show although with all the changes I was getting frustrated but I kept giving it a chance then when Allison got the boot when everything pointed at her being safe was the final drop.
I have not watched it since but the Internet shows me who is in ans who's out. From day one since the top 13 started I didn't like Kriss, to me he is totally boring and yet look at him. Him winning will not make them the mega dollars they expect from an Idol and it will be like Taylor winning all over again. I think next season I will not get hooked but play it by ear... that is if there's a next season, the show is definitely on the decline.

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