Thursday, May 07, 2009

Foul Play

Can someone explain to me how is it that someone that clearly outperformed both Danny Gokey and Kris Allen and that apparently was well liked by millions still got booted off American Idol last night. This after she kept getting great performances while Danny and Kris stayed pretty bland and uninteresting.

If Alexis got booted off immediately because of her bad performance, then Danny should have been the one leaving last night. If anybody out there other than his family says his performance of "Dream On" was even a little bit good you know you are lying. That performance was a musical travesty and he most than deserved to leave the show.

Radio and TV stations reach millions, by blog may only reach five of you, but we all agree that Allison leaving AI last night may have nothing to do with Americans voting. I said it before and I'll say it again, something stinks and it is not my socks. Many people including myself have been saying that somehow the voting system is rigged, and in this season that has become more obvious. True or not, many of us won't trust it anymore and I doubt I'll be tuning in next year.

As for this season, out of the three remaining there is only one clear winner. As of yesterday I stopped watching the show, I may tune in three weeks from now just to see Adam be crowned American Idol Season 8 winner, or to see him cheated out of the title. AI in my opinion has lost all it's credibility.



amy said...

If people are voting based on this weeks performance then Danny should have gone. Was not a big fan of Allison, but aparently she had a huge fan base and every week all we heard was how wonderful she was for a 17yo!!

The judges have pushed for he all season. I assumed she and adam would be the final 2

Michelle said...

I told you... hence why I didn't start watching this season. It got old...

Betty Flocken said...

Man I'm sorry Jose. I think it's rigged too. I never watch it but my good friend J does. She use to say that some years too!

Jose said...

Amy - Danny is good but so was he did aweful this week and deserved to be booted out just based on that horrific performance.

michelle - Well, what can I say I really like the show but this year too many weird changes, too many weird results, Kris whom in my opinion is boring is now a contender to the crown... ridiculous! I know I am not the only one tuning out.

betty - Allison was in her element and performed really good, then she had a super great duet with Adam, and for a great performance she gets blasted with negative comments, then Danny totally messes up and he get A+ for trying and A++ for daring and even Simon basically said you suck but you'll be back next week. I think after eigh seasons I had enough. Now I am so looking forward for my new favorite show, So you think you can dance.

amy said...

Its hard. Do you vote based on each weeks performance or someone you have liked since the beginning?

Im not an Alison or Adam fan ( i think hes too good for the show) but something must be rigged. For the judges to have pushed for her every single week and how awesome and wonderful she was, I assumed she would be number 2!

Jose said...

Amy - I used to split my vote between Anoop and Alliso, I liked them both. When Anoop was eliminated I supported Allison only and every week she was consistently good. I thought she would make it to at least the third spot. Now since I'm done with the show I just want to hear that Adam takes the whole thing.

MrManuel said...

One of the reasons why I despise this show and have refused to watch since season 3.

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