Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cinco de Mayo and American Idol

About six years ago us warehouse guys at work decided to have a little "Carne Asada" for lunch, so we brought a barbecue grill and some salsas from home and on a Friday afternoon we during lunch we grilled the meat and had a great lunch. A couple of the Customer Service reps and other employees came out to the warehouse and saw us grilling, so we invited them a taco and before we knew it people were "visiting" us.

For a while they kept buggin' us about doing a Carne Asada and of course to invite them so as Cinco de Mayo was approaching I asked the guys if they would be willing to sponsor a Carne Asada but it needed to be for the whole company. We all agreed to do it and that was the beginning of what is now our annual Cinco de Mayo Carne Asada Fiesta. The owner of the company was so impressed and liked it so much that the following year with a month in advance he asked if we were doing it again because he wanted to purchase all the meat needed for the event.

Our quarterly staff meetings are always catered but nothing comes close to the food served during our Cinco de Mayo fiesta. The meat may be sponsored by the executives but it is up to us to bring all the delicious side foods, let me tell you there is never a shortage of good stuff to eat on this occasion.

Yesterday once again was a total success and the only regret everyone has is that we only do this once a year.

On a full stomach I went to my mom's house and waited for American Idol, the top four would perform. While there was a top four show last night was a show of two only. In many cases a particular contestant is supposed to be strong on a specific them and then they blow it completely. Last night was rock night which meant that both Adam and Allison would be strong. Well, last night they were the whole show, both Kris and Danny were totally opaqued by their performances and even though both of them have a strong following which I believe Allison doesn't they were really not that good.

I still don't get the fascination people have with Kris, he really is not all that. Danny an early favorite and one I liked before just didn't seem to bring anything new to the table and I really don't care for most of his performances. Allison, is consistently good but perhaps not considered the total package that they look for in an idol hopeful and keeps finding herself at the bottom of the pit. I really, really, really hope she survives tonight as she really deserves to be a top three contestant, maybe even a top two, but that is just wishful thinking.

Adam was the biggest surprise this season. I really didn't care for him at the beginning. I totally hated him on Country week but that was where the hate ended. The following week he surprised all of us and little by little he became the one we all wanted to hear and were interested in seeing what he would come up with. He has not disappointed since and yesterday when it counted as his night he shone like the star that he will probably will become.

Danny really sucked last night but the consensus is that it will all come down to an Adam vs. Danny finale. I would definitely prefer an Allison vs. Danny finale but either way no matter who's goes against Adam he or she does not stand a chance against Adam. But then again voters have been known to favor not the best but the favorite. We'll soon find out.

So my daughter Nikki has not watched idol at all this season so last night she decided to sit down and give it a whirl. Ryan comes out and does his usual intro and then he says the now famous phrase, "And These Are Your Top Four America" at this point Ducky is watching with her and as they come out Ducky screams, "It's the Jonas Brothers" lol and sits down to watch. lol -- I thought it was too funny and so did Nikki.



Jen - Queen of Poo said...

The Carne Asada sounds wonderful! (making me hungry!) The amall company I used to work for had a BBQ once a month, and the boss would man the grill and cook everyone's lunch. That was pretty cool too.

Betty Flocken said...

My son-in-law makes killer Carne Asada. Paul made it this weekend.. It was pretty good but I think he missed one of my son-in-law's steps!

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