Friday, May 22, 2009

Is Anybody Listening

As I said before I was a hater specially when he destroyed Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire". Who is this fool that commits such a travesty then he sings Tears for Fears "Mad World" and I see potential. The week after week this guy's performance was the one most of us would be waiting for. What is he going to do tonight? What song is he singing? Will he wear make up? Will he look like Elvis again? Black nail polish? Eyeliner? Screeching? Anybody that still doesn't accept that American Idol Season 8 revolved around this guy is living in denial.

I think Adam not winning the "title" is a blessing in disguise, he is already a winner, soon he will establish himself as a musical star. I am curious to see what he will come up with for his album debut. It's obvious his talent does not involve rock music only and if need be he can refrain from screeching (although I don't know why since he masters the high notes so well) if wants.



Chely said...


I liked it! Like I said before, "He had me at Ring of Fire" and I loved "Mad World".

I think the strategy was for him no to become the American Idol. This would have only slowed down everything that is waiting for him.

I don't care for Kris and it doesn't matter. Adam is the one I will be on the lookout for.

After viewing the video you posted, it now makes sense to me as to why he looked so comfortable on stage. I get it!!!

Betty F said...

I'm sorry the wrong guy won

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