Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Well the idea was to have a relaxing weekend and I did just that. Since I decided to take Friday my weekend turned into a four day weekend and that was just fine by me. No trips to L.A. this year just stayed home and relaxed.

On Sunday we invited our kids to come over for a carne asada, so my son, my two daughters, the three in-laws and all seven grand kiddoes came over. It was a nice hot sunny day and the pool was the place to be. So while they all swam, I grilled some of the most delicious carne asada and chicken, which together with my special salsa, the rice, the pico de gallo, and grilled onions kept us asking for more.

For a good family gathering you can never go wrong with carne asada. To prove it here are some images of said fun gathering.

The kids working up an appetite by swimming all afternoon. My son there at the right acting as the life guard.

And as usual the kids at heart always make sure they entertain the little kids. Here's my son in law making a splash via a cannon bomb.

Oh, but we must take a brake from swimming to enjoy a nice cold icicle.

A few more cannon bombs from the big...

And the small.

And to close it all out, I captured this beautiful sunset, it's so nice to have our backyard facing west.



MrManuel said...

Man, that pool looks refreshing!

Michelle said...

Man that looks funner in the pictures... and I lived it. Haha. And that carne was yummy! Oh man I am drooling just thinking about it again... the chicken was awesome too.

Betty F said...

I LOVE Carne Asada! My husband got the recipe from my son-in-law and made some good stuff a while back. Looks like a wonderful time. You have a beautiful back yard.

Jose said...

MrManuel - The pool is very refreshing, specially these days.

Michelle - It was pretty fun, and you are right the meat was yummy.

Betty - We buy it prepaired, the marinate they use doesn't require nothing else. I can't have enough.

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