Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Nice Weekend

Saturday Michelle and junior enlisted me as the babysitter. They needed to have a date without the three little ones so they took the baby to her nino's and mi chica and I kept the other two.

It was a hot day so they kids asked me if I could take them out to the pool. So, while I waited for the food to be ready we went outside and put some air on our brand new inflatable rafts and went in the pool. Food was ready faster than we expected so our swimming time was cut short but that was OK. I was treated to mi chica's cooking which in my humble opinion is the best. A big steak with sopa de estrellita, rajas con crema, and a salsa made by yours truly that was finger licking good, ummm, ummm, ummmm.

Mi chica was tired as she had worked so she retired and went to sleep, meanwhile the kids and I had a movie night which started with "Shark Tale" followed by "I, Robot", half way throughout I Robot they were totally out.

Sunday was pretty much a lazy day. The kids borrowed our van (what else is new these days) and left for the most part of the morning. In the afternoon I took mi chica to get her nails done. She wanted to try this new place her sister told her about. She didn't like it that much, it was expensive and the service was not the best. Either that or they charged her for the time I sat on that chair and got a heck of a massage. I so want one of those chairs at home. It may not fit our decor but my back will love me for it.

By the time we came out of there it was 6:00pm so naturally I was hungry and so was she so she treated me to a restaurant I had never been to. I think it's called Pei Wei and it's a combination of Asian dishes. I am not too daring when it comes to new foods so I ordered a beef lo mein. The noodles were a bit overcooked making them too soft but I must admit that the flavor was really nice.

The funny thing is that this place is supposed have dishes from Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam according to the sign over the cash register but the voices coming out of the wall-less kitchen were in Spanish. Things that make me go hmmm! I just found out that Pei Wei is the little sister restaurant of P. F. Changs.

Happy on full stomachs we headed back home to the screaming sounds of four grand kids. Oh, yes I love my life.




Three years ago I got my husband a massage chair not only he but every kid and adult that comes in this house loves it match or not who cares if the ole back feels good I will say it was well worth the money also has a foot and leg massager seperate

MrManuel said...

I love going to Asian restaurants and hearing Spanish come from the back room. That alwats makes me laugh. Us Mexicans have so many skills.

Chely said...

ROTHFL - "Us Mexicans have so many skills."

I don't know but I really enjoy eating at Asian Restaurants were the cooks are Mexican. The food tastes very good.=)

Nikki said...

Pei Wei....MmM!!!! The Teriyake bowl is AwWwssoOmmEEe!

Erin said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I've heard about Pei Wei, we have one here.. maybe I'll try it sometime!

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