Friday, May 29, 2009

Karaoke Goes on Hiatus

Finally today I made it to karaoke at Manny's which was in a way kindda bitter sweet because today was the last day as summer has let us know it's here and the patio just gets too hot. I hear it will resume back in September when the heat is gone.

For one reason or another I had not been able to go the past two Fridays so today I got even. Even with the big group on hand I was still able to squeeze five songs. I made new fans, new friends, and new attempts at singing songs I had not sang yet. Even though it was hot it wasn't uncomfortably hot. Since I'm not drinking (doctor's orders) I only had a couple of diet cokes and nibbled on some tortilla chips and salsa.

Our core group is there every Friday and I know that they all look forward to karaoke night. Most of them are the coolest senior citizens you'll ever meet. I, at almost 50 years of age feel like the new kid in town. One of said group members is moving back east to Washington or some place like that and so next week there will be a gathering to bid him farewell. Yes some karaoke will be involved, because well that's how we roll.

Well it's all good because maybe now I participate in some of the car club's activities. There's a third Friday outing every month where the club reserves a portion of a dinner's parking lot and while our ponies are on display we get to eat and socialize. Since this year marks my tenth anniversary as a member I want to be a little more active.

Whatever I decide to do I am sure I'll be posting about it so keep coming back.



Betty F said...

Sorry Kareoke is over. It'll be good to get more involved in your car club though.. It's so hot in the summers, makes me wonder why I use to "hate" the heat in CA

Michelle said...

Aww that stinks! But it is getting hotter. And yay fro car club activities! I wanna join you.

Jose said...

Betty - Oh there's always something I can do to stay active, the car club always have fun activities. Our annual ice cream social is coming up in about three weeks. This year it will include a small car show. It shuld be lots of fun. Our heat is dry vs. California's humidity, a weekend of "their" heat is all I can take. I love my desert. Plus all we have to do is go to the backyard and jump in the pool, problem solved.

michelle - Ice cream social coming up. This year is not at a park but at the church where we hold the meetings.

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