Friday, May 15, 2009


It should be a busy weekend, as it turn out today my grandson graduates from kindergarten, yeap a full blown Hawaiian motif graduation, he is so excited and it should be fun to see a bunch of little kids graduating into first grade. Can you remember your first day of school as a first grader. I kindda can if I close my eyes and go back, back, back, way back in time. lol -- OK but that only means that for the third week in a row I won't go karaoke and as it gets hotter the cut out date for karaoke Friday approaches fast.

I started looking for things to see in our neighborhood yard sale tomorrow but anybody that knows me will be safe to assume that I don't part ways with my things easily. Still I have found a few items plus I intend to put all my frames out there too if at all to see if they create any comments. I prefer if the sell but comments and or conversation is welcomed too. The nice thing about neighborhood yard sales is that all the advertisement has been done for you. I do hope to get rid of a few things and maybe even make some money in the process.

My "Ducky" is spending the night with us. I have been hired as the official baby sitter for tomorrow. This little kid loves coming to our house and I am so looking forward to having him. A typical phone conversation with him is like this:

Grandpa: Hi Ducky!
Ducky: (No hi grandpa or anything) I wanna go your house
Grandpa: Yo do?
Ducky: I wanna go your house
Grandpa: OK well ask your mommy to bring you.
(background voice -- "Say goodbye to grandpa".
Ducky: Bye grandpa.

And just like that he is gone. I gotta love my little duck.

Yeap, my weekend has been planned and promises to be an exciting one. What are your plans for the weekend?



Erin said...

I can say for sure I do not remember my first day of 1st grade, lol.. I barely remember anything before 10 years old :-)

Have a great day with Ducky and I hope you sell some of your pictures at the yard sale!!

Tina said...

My plan for the weekend is "just relaxing" an is so needed.

Gook luck at the yard sale.


I am going to the fair to see if any of my pictures got a ribbon will let you know on sunday first grade-that was many moons ago lol

Betty Flocken said...

Hope your weekend was wonderful! Good Luck at the garage sale.

Michelle said...

My weekend is BUSY... Haha.

Wait let me tell you "in person" conversation with Ducky today:

(I enter the church and have a seat with Jr's family not realizing Ducky is at the end of the pew)

Ducky: (comes up to me) Hi Tia Michelle it's me Duck! (Stretches his arms out for a hug)
Me: Oh Hi Ducky! (Stretching my arms out for a hug) I didn't see you baby... let me have a hug...

and BEFORE I can even finish my statement...

Ducky: (turns and sits real still)


Now of course I am still standing there with outstretched arms and confused...

Ducky: Oh no!!! I gotta go to the Baskroom!


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