Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tidbits of Nothing

What Danny is out, it's about time. Now what, does anybody really think Kris will sell thousands of albums and go platinum. I just don't see it. Clearly Adam is the only realistic choice for the powers that be to make them money. We'll see how thing pan out next week.

So, I finally got another lap top computer yey. It's another hand me down but at zero cost to me its awesome. It just happens to be the exact same model of the one I had before, what were the chances. I am just excited as I will soon be able to karaoke on line again, sweet.

Tomorrow will be the last bike night at Westgate and I am planning on going, need to take some more pictures of those awesome bikes on display. I do intend to get mine fixed very, very soon so stay tuned for that. Now I just have to dig mine out of the garage. If this neighborhood yard sale scheduled for next Saturday goes the way I plan I just might free some very needed garage space, and the bike will be more visible and easy to get to. lol

Oh, yeah neighborhood yard sale, I must get my sh--t together and really start sorting out some of that old junk I have laying around, I am sure there is a buyer out there waiting to buy my possessions. But being the eternal "rat pack" that I am I probably won't let too many things out of my reach.

I'll come with a decent post soon, right now my mind is everywhere else but here. Michelle and I are trying to put together our second Photography Exhibition which will be held at my daughter in law's house as she will be hosting it. In our maiden exhibition we had 15 framed pieces, my goal for this one is to have 20 frames on display and available for sale. We are not raking in any profits but we are being able to buy more frames without spending any more out of pocket money. I will keep you posted on that too. In the meantime visit our new blog at ( become our follower, our critic, our friend, our customer.

Until the next time, peace.



Lucky Lady said...

i think i should frame some of my pictures but where do you sell them? I have five in the fair now, will see how that went, will go sat.daughter is coming up for the weekend see ya clean that garage

Jose said...

Lucky Lady - It's fun to do this I too think you should frame some of your pictures. I had an exhibition at my house two weeks ago, you may have seen the post on that but if not here it is:

Or you can visit our new blog again, see that's why you should bookmark it. lol

Hopefuly someone will like them and purchase them. I too want to put some of our frames next time the Country Fair comes to Phoenix.

Now I think you should buy a frame from me only because I know you want to help me get this thing started. lol

Chely said...


Erin said...

It wasn't until even about 3 weeks ago that I even knew Kris's name... that is how un-memorable he is. he would never sell a lot of albums... in fact, he is so "typical" that he sounds like everyone else!

Even though I don't like Adam, and really do not understand what the hype is, he is sure to sell a lot of albums!

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