Friday, June 26, 2009

Time Flies

The distant past feels like yesterday, the distant future is too far away. The older I get the faster the days, week, months, and years pass. I am starting to feel them swoosh over my head.

The weekend is here again, I think it's awesome to look forward to the two days off but I just think Fridays come way too fast, so fast that I am left thinking where did my week go? It also makes me wonder what it's doing to may age process. It certainly feels like I'm getting old too fast. Could it be that I am conscious about my age because I am going to be 50 in a couple of months. No I don't think so, I for one appreciate the getting old process and am thankful for each day I wake up. Still the weekends just get here way too fast.

But, since the weekend is here let me do everything in my power to have an awesome weekend. Normally my weekends are reserved for sleeping late and catching up with my chores,(yes, I do have some of those). These days are also reserved for swimming and just plain laying in the pool in my not so trusty plastic floater (the kids already saw to it to puncture it). I know some good food and probably movie watching will be involved and some heavy duty car washing too.

My car is a total mess, it has not been washed for a while and tomorrow is our annual car club ice cream social. This year it will include an impromptu car show and so I will be busy trying to bring my car up to par.

It should be a good one. It's always nice to go and see so many Mustangs in one place. No doubt our club is one of the best in the country with over 300 registered members and activities for all to last through the year. Come and visit our website just to take a peak. Copperstate Mustang Club.



Betty F said...

Oh it sounds like a wonderful weekend you have planned. I get the puntures the grand kids make in the pool toys.. (Collies do it too). Have fun at your ice cream social; I'm sure your car will be all spiffed up by then

Michelle said...

Mmm Ice Cream! I can't wait.

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