Saturday, June 27, 2009

The CMC Ice Cream Social

The temperature was well over 100 degrees and my car was a total mess, so after thinking about it for a while I grabbed my towels, and my bucket and I headed outside to wash it. Of course I invited two helpers to come out to give me a hand. I thought I was crazy being out there when it was that hot but my two little helpers didn't seem to think so. After all when it's hot but you are constantly being wet it rather feels nice.

The goal was to get the car ready for the ice cream social, it needed cleaning both in the inside and outside if I wanted it to look semi decent. The heat did take the best of me and after an hour or so of being outside I just had to come into the air conditioned house and get under the cold shower. I found out later that the temperature reached about 110 degrees. No wonder I was about to melt.

In the end the car looked pretty decent considering. Being a daily driver and taking approximately 50 miles per day the car is starting to show it's age, but every time I wash it the car still looks good. Why of course it is after all a Mustang.

At around 4:30pm we left for the meeting place. In contrast to our Pancake Breakfast where we pretty much knew everybody, this time around it was like visiting a new club, we didn't know anybody and it felt completely different. The club has gone from mostly vintage Mustangs to the very high value Shelbys, Rouchs, and Cobras, etc, etc, etc. So much has changed since I joined ten years ago. And to think that the founder of the club is still and active member that attends the meetings and activities. This year the club is celebrating it's 30th Anniversary.

Here are some of the cars attending today:

This one was one classy classic. The paint and body were perfect.

This baby is ready to race.

My humble Mustang next to a pretty awesome late model. Love the model in front of the two.

Pretty classy too, ain't it?

I really like this front end. The headlights are pretty unique.

A really nice Fox Body.



Wanda said...

Well I see you got the help you needed to wash the car. Looks great.

You love for cars comes out with the fabulous photo's you take of them.

Very nice.... How was the ice cream??


Michelle said...

Nice cars... glad those helpers helped and not got in the way.

MrManuel said...

I'm telling ya, nothing better than a nice old Mustang...

Erin said...

The car looks great Jose!

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