Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Second Exhibition

The photo exhibition pretty much didn't happen as planned or expected but it happened and that's what counts. We got to Jen and Juan's house and immediately started setting up the the frames for exhibition. Our folding table has proven to be very handy, we also used her dinning room table and hutch.

As in our previous show, we served mini sandwiches, rits with cheese, lemonade, and this time I made a killer green salsa which was eaten with chips until there was no salsa left. The salsa was a hit. As a matter of fact if the frames don't sell I may just start a salsa business and see how that goes. But so far we are just beginning and the frames seem to be moving slowly but surely.

Jennifer, our host sent us some jpegs and offered them to us. She said "Use them or not, it's up to you". Well see the frame with the flowers, that was one of them and as you can see it looks pretty awesome. I think we need some more floral images. Thanks Jennifer for sending them to us.

The gathering turned out to be all family and so it turned into a pool party. We just kept watching all the guys out in the pool giving us a diving show and waiting to be judged. We are in the middle of June and the water was cold, very unusual for this time of year in Phoenix. No, I'm not complaining, Mother Nature is actually giving us a break this year and we are loving it.

The Rocky Point Sunset was our most expensive frame at $50.00 and we wanted to keep things at that price range or under but we couldn't resist and we did the one right on top of it. We still don't know what the price will be but that frame came out so nice we fell it will sell at around the $70.00 mark. The image of "Morty" on the right bottom corner was sold.

"The Cuernavaca Cathedral" image (left bottom corner, "Chuck and DC" (right bottom corner), and the set of "Jardin Borda" images displayed in the center all were sold too.

Here is another big frame, this one was the favorite of more than one during the exhibit. Too bad the economy is affecting everybody otherwise I guarantee you this one would have been gone.

Jennifer was our host and we presented her with a frame of an image she had privided to us. We decided to frame it and give it to her as a toke of our appreciation for holding the exhibition at her house. She couldn't help or stop the tears rolled out of her eyes. In the end we did have a nice Sunday with all the family having good fun.

Thanks Jennifer.



Michelle said...

Hey the green ones sold too!

It was fun!

Jose said...

Yeah, specially the part where Nikki has to clean Jen's foot.

Jose said...

Oh and yeah it says right there that "The Jardin Borda" set sold.

MrManuel said...

I really want to do something like this!!!

Jose said...

MrManuel - Just do it. You'll have fun.

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