Saturday, June 13, 2009

Celebration Time

My mini coffee bar was stocked and ready. Sweet Mexican bread, and cheese cake as well as a couple of different types of coffee, it was all ummm ummmm good.

Well Michelle and I, but mostly Michelle got the house ready for the fiesta. Since the guys had made plans to go out we felt a simple Cafesito Party would be enough. After all we all like coffee and good company so if you put one and one together it's a winning combination.

After cleaning the kids were sent to nap, while Michelle went to get a hair cut. She picked up the sweet bread, cheese cake, and powder creamer as Nikki requested. I organize a "Cafe con Leche" fiesta and she requests powder creamer, yuck! Ummmm leche!

Loyiel's birthday was last Wednesday, Nikki's was on Thursday, and Frank's was Friday. In addition Loyiel and Nikki's Wedding Anniversary was also on Thursday (Nikki's birthday). The icing on the cake was Nikki's last day of school which was also Thursday. I think Nikki was really celebrating. So they planned to go bar hoping at Westagate on Saturday, and Westgate is a really nice place to do that.

Westgate City Center.

This gathering was supposed to start at 6:00 p.m. and would go on until they left for Westgate but some showed up well after 7:00 and some after 8:oo pm but in our family that is no surprise. The coffee and sweet bread was flowing steadily and the cheese cake too.

Loyiel and Nikki, the birthday couple.

Nikki and birthday boy Frank.

Party people, Michelle, Jeniffer, Nikki, Loyiel, Cindy, and Kika.

Nikki blowing me some kisses and saying I love you Daddy... At least that's what I though she said.

In the end as always we had fun and enjoyed each others company. The weather has been cooperating so we spent most of our night outside in the patio enjoying the cool night air.



Michelle said...

Oh wait until you see my take on Westgate... I believe there are videos involved. I like to embarrass people.

But yes it was fun... even if I had to carry my husband to the car and to the bed.

I didn't even get a piece of cheesecake... :(

Erin said...

First of all, now I'm REALLY hungry ;)

Sounds like another fantastic party at Jose's casa :-) They all looked ready to party!!!!

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