Thursday, June 04, 2009


Well since I lost the faith in Idol I am really looking forward to So You Think You Can Dance. Every single season this show has met every expectation I have for it and then some. This is the daddy of all dance shows, even though I love to watch America's Best Dance Crew, SYTYCD is in a totally different league.

I love watching the auditions because you get the feeling of what is to come during the season. I noticed that a lot of the favorites that got some good airtime in the end were cut and the top 20 were composed of a good mix of different style dancers. Most of the different dance styles have to be represented by a top 20 contestant.

I think the eliminations were brutal this year, as you can imagine most of my favorites didn't make it. Well that Salsa dancer chick did and I hope she makes it far into the competition.

I am ready to watch what promises to be a very exciting season. So far so good, the show is not getting stupid like Idol did.



Erin said...

I try to watch that show, but for some reason I can't get into it.. even though it is a really great show! I must keep trying :-)

betty said...

I hope the Salsa Dancer wins!

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