Saturday, June 06, 2009

See Ya Later Friend

One of our karaoke buddies a "snow bird" is going back to his Washington home and to say goodbye, farewell and bon voyage a going away party was organized for him. Going to the place destined for this party has the same route as going to Manny's but instead of turning left into Manny's parking lot I turned right on El Mirage road to the destination and it felt weird because I have been going to Manny's mostly every Friday since September and it has been lots of fun. Until karaoke resumes again next September I will have to find alternate things to do, however for this past Friday that task was easily taken care of as we had a nice get together complete with hot dogs, chips, a plethora of sodas and deserts and plenty of karaoke.

This is the second time I go to this couple's house and I had been told their computer held thousands and thousands of songs to sing. Well last night I found out they were not lying. I asked if their files would contain some Latin sounds, my friend just gave me an empty stare and said, "give me a name", "Luis Miguel" I replied it's spelled L U I S and before I knew it bam! A bunch of Luis Miguel's songs came out. It is safe to assume we had lots of fun singing.

A funny thing though, was the fact that they could not find a karaoke version of the Happy Birthday song to sing to one of the ladies there whom will be turning 79 years young tomorrow Sunday. So... we decided to sing it a capella.

We had a blast, the nice thing about it was that the rotation list was not too long and we all did what we love to do, we sang our little hearts out.



Erin said...

Sounds like a great time!!! Sorry you have to miss out on karaoke, but I'm sure you'll find plenty of stuff to keep you busy throughout the summer :-)

Jose said...

You know, I am lucky fo find some pretty cool friends. We did have a good time. Now our car club's ice cream social and car show is in two weeks. That is always a great time for the whole family. Are you kiddin' this year we will have a car show and it can never go wrong with ice cream. Ummmm ice cream, I KOVE IT!

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