Monday, July 27, 2009


It takes two, to tango
Or so the saying goes
But to really make it work
The tango needs the best from both

Dancing, life, and other things
Need your commitment and love
Synchronize your every move
And fuse until both are one

Then together plan your future
And together, feed your soul
Let the thoughts the two of you garnish
Born, mature, and then grow old

There's a certain satisfaction
That comes from from seeing what both
Created in such togetherness
And in knowing you are not alone

Life is hard. It's just it's nature
But not unconquerable at all
By oneself it could be impossible
But with both not so much so.

So tell her that "You complete me"
Tell him "You had me at hello"
Yes these words come from a movie
Does it matter where they're from?

So build what you can, and do it together
Limit yourself, know where to go
Then enjoy and share those those memories
That can only come from both.

If I sound like a romantic
Know that it's not me alone
With the love mi chica gives me
It's the work in progress of both



Anonymous said...

How beautiful Jose; How true; Your Chica is a very lucky woman.

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Michelle said...

Very pretty... but I think you can be equally as happy alone. Dad you're such a poet.

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