Saturday, July 25, 2009

Diego's Idea...

Diego's idea, I may put a patent on it.

Diego: Where are you going grandpa?
Me: Out
Diego: Can I come?
Me: Sure!
Diego: Grandpa it's hot.
Me: You better don't complain, you could have stayed home where it's nice and cool.
Diego: I'm not complaining, it's just that it's too hot.
Me: We'll stop and get something to drink.
Diego: Wouldn't it be awesome to put AC in the weather.
Me: Wow! Now there's an idea.
Diego: Yeah! If we put AC in the weather we can lower it when it gets too hot.

Now, there is a mind that is already working at age six.



kika said...

Lol! omg! Diego is funny!!

Jose said...

This kid has a very active mind.

Elena said...

Estos no son ninos, son enanos, jaja

Marya said...

LOL! Hes too funny. He has a mind of a Melo. =)

Jose said...

He sure does.

Anonymous said...

A Brilliant child!!! You need to put a paten on HIM

Michelle said...

That's my son... always thinking of a solution. Always. He cracks me up. What a kid... err... mini grown up.

Chely said...

Que tierno=D I looooove his idea!

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