Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Last Game of the Season

We're number one.

Well Ducky's last game happened last week. This is all good because playing anything outside when it's 115 degrees cannot be too good. I was invited by my daughter to go see the last game of the season and as always it was a blast. Watching these tiny little kids play is just too funny.

"Why do they always do that to me?" was Ducky's question while being thrown out at first twice. Of course he would get frustrated and obviously a little tantrum was in order but nothing that the little treats they get at the end of the game can't fix.


We got there late so the other team beat us to the good side of the field, we were left with the side that faces the sun, so not only were we fighting the extreme heat but also the nasty reflection in our eyes. Can you say fun? The things parents and grandparents have to endure. It's all worth it, in the end the kids will have the memories and experiences learned. Some will want more while others will not. Our Ducky didn't say yei or nei so we figure we'll force another season on him.

Eventually he'll probably let us know if he wants to play soccer or learn karate, or something like that for now we lead him.

Here are some more pictures of him and his team.

A duck and his mommy duck.

Top of the world, top of the world.



MrManuel said...

Yes, get him into soccer!!!

Elena said...

Pobresito mi nino!

ChrisJ said...

Nice view from the top of the world. A big wide smile.

Michelle said...

Now Diego is next... he wants to play...

Anonymous said...

These are great pictures. I love your post. It's probably pretty good our red head now lives in Tahoe.... Her little face would have been bright red trying to play softball in this heat

kika said...

go ducky go

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