Thursday, July 02, 2009

SYTYCD Top Fourteen

So, four more have left since my last post. Because this season they are all so good it is hard to see anybody leave, so far there has not been the "I am mad because such contestant left" syndrome. I did hate to see Max go as I thought they let him go too soon but still someone had to go.

Two weeks ago we said goodbye to Max and Ashley, of the two I was bummed Max was cut but I predicted it and not necessarily because he was bad, I just knew knew he would be the one and I wan not wrong. But as I mentioned before this is the best top ten couples I have seen in all five seasons and I have not missed one yet so any one contestant leaving is sort of sad.

Last week it was Jonathan's and Asuka's turn. In Jonathan's case it didn't come as a big surprise, I thought he should have left the prior week and not Max but I also knew his days in SYTYCD were numbered. Asuka on the other hand had a great performance and I felt she should have stuck around instead of Karla. But again, competition is so tight this year that it doesn't really matter. At least all of my favorites are still in the competition.

Last night's show was without a doubt one of the most exciting shows in it five year history. To start things off Brandon and Janette opened up with and I agree with Nigel the best cha-cha to date. Being first is really not a good thing but in this couple's case it didn't make a difference, they came out and performed setting the bar so high for the remaining six couples that I don't think anybody that loves dance and loves the show will forget that performance anytime soon.

Brandon was harshly criticised by Mia during the last days in Vegas stating that he wasn't "all that" and that she just didn't "see it". Last night probably against her will but recognizing the obvious she paid him an apology of sorts that inevitably drew tears to Brandon's eyes. This couple in my opinion has been very consistent, and to think that Janette was supposed to be good only as a Salsa dancer.

Kupono and Kayla did very, very good too. Kayla is such a strong dancer that I have no doubt will make it far. She certainly has the potential to go all the way. Kupono is good but will leave eventually, he may out dance Jayson though and Evan.

Evan and Randi, I really enjoy this couple but they probably don't have the strongest fan base. There are other couples that are already hugging most of the votes. I think their Broadway routine last night was really good and I enjoyed it. As expected they didn't get the best reviews and were even criticised for being short, ouch! I am short too so that kindda hurt.

Jason and Caitlin, I have liked this couple since their Bollywood routine but they continue to find themselves in the bottom three and probably will be there again tonight. I think Caitlin is a fantastic dancer and Jason is good but I get the feeling they are in danger, mostly Jason whom stated last night that he barely squeaked by last week.

Phillip and Jeanine don't have to worry. He probably has the biggest fan base and she is just that good. Not my favorites at all but apparently everybody elses.

Ade and Melissa, definitely one of my favorite couples. She is the oldest contestant but you wouldn't know that by the way she looks and moves. Their Pas De Deux to Romeo and Juliet was just awesome.

And last but not least, Vitolo and Karla the definite underdogs in this competition the ones that pretty much were supposed to crash and burned last night delivered a great quick step routine. The whole thing was fun and I think they really delivered. Their costumes were awesome and Karla surprised us when in just one second she changed from what I thought was the worse costume for their routine into a wonderful ballroom outfit. They most likely will be bottom three again but I wouldn't count them out just yet.

So there you have it seven awesome routines 14 great dancers. It will definitely go down to popularity and my prediction is that Vitolo and Karla, Evan and Randi, and Jason and Caitlin will once again be dancing for their lives tonight.

Should be interesting but I don't expect to be too surprised.

This week's top fourteen.



Erin said...

Okay, I still haven't the show, but I didn't want you to think I was being a stranger :-) So, I'll just say that I love the name Mia and that is what I was going to name my child if I had a girl!!

LOL - useless bit of information I suppose!

Tina said...

I do not watch it. But can you do me a favour?! I take the first one from the left side (black dressed) Can you send him to me in a parcel?! Haha....

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