Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tidbit Time

Let me see if I can come up with some tidbits. For starters let me tell you that our weather here in the valley of the sun is reaching 110 degrees. We had a nice break in our weather the first three weeks of June but we are paying it now. And yet last Saturday I washed the car and drove it topless to one of our car club functions. My motto is adjust and overcome, contrary to popular belief, life doesn't stop because it gets a little hot. Our swimming pool is seeing a lot of action and doing an excellent job at keeping us cool, particularly the kids, they live for swimming.

As my sister in law stated in a comment to a post I had on Facebook. "Whatever it takes". This came up when mi chica asked me if I could drive her to her hair stylist on Sunday. "Sure, I can" was my reply when she asked on Saturday afternoon. So, Sunday morning at 6:45am mi chica wakes me up, "Come on baby, it's time to go", huh! what? where? "My hair appointment, remember I asked you" my appointment is at 7:00am. Seven in the morning on a Sunday? What women will do in the name of beauty. Well, she is worth it so off we went.

Looking forward to the three day weekend. R&R and laying by the swimming pool is a major part of the agenda, I am sure babysitting the grand kids will be included in the deal but that's OK. I avoid crowds and specially on 110 degree days so going out to catch any fireworks is totally out. No, no, no, that is just not for me. I am sure the kids are all going out although I haven't heard if Avondale or Goodyear cancelled the fireworks show like many cities are doing to save money, after all their budgets are pretty tight.

Arrrg!, I just realized that like a dummy I left my lunch at home. Green chicken enchiladas with Spanish rice. What a fool. Now I'll be thinking about food and actually I am already hungry. Now the tug of war of what to eat begins, of all the fast food places around my work nothing sounds appetizing. What to eat, what to eat? I am open to suggestions, anybody wants to express me a meal you may do so, specially if it's home cooked.



Michelle said...

Pain is beauty like Jr says... and in this case no sleep in painful.

I just heard about the fireworks too... Juan told me today when I spoke with him. Hmm... We'll have to think of something creative and fun for the kids then. BBQ Dad?

And you forgot your food?! Haha I will eat it!

MrManuel said...

When I used to have an actual job and not work at home, I would HATE when I forgot a good lunch at home.

I didn't know you were on Facebook. Find me!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sorry about those enchiladas Jose.. Fast food doesn't come close to Home cooked.. I'm always amazed at the number of people who go to tempe Town Lake or Rawhide for fireworks.. 110 degrees and still they go.. NOT ME. I'm hoping for a quiet fourth at my sister's in Phoenix.... IN her pool

Erin said...

Ugh, it sounds hot there!!!! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful family weekend as usual ;) Enjoy your 4th of July Jose!!!

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