Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nothing Really Important

Sitting here sipping my coffee and realizing that darn I make a really good cup of coffee. You may say what is so special about making coffee? Trust me, time and time again my coffee will taste good vs. having my daughters make me one. Now restaurant coffee is always really, really good and will probably comes very close to mine. Yep! Mine is better.

Now that you know that little bit of information let's move on. I am really having motorcycle riding withdrawals. Today is one of those days where I opened my garage and saw my FatBoy sitting there a little dusty OK, a lot dusty and I just itched to ride it. Two years has already been too long. Here's my serious commitment I am making right now as I type... Let's get it serviced already, prime riding weather is coming right up and I would love to take advantage of it.

The shows I'm hooked on right now are: Betty la Fea, La Rosa de Guadalupe, America's Best Dance Crew, True Blood, Making His Band. Wow! That's it, not too big a list. I am patiently waiting for the new season of So You Think You Can Dance and Sons of Anarchy and in between I try to catch some good movies here and there.

My grandson is six years old and just started first grade. Today he asked me for my cell phone and asked if he could text his grandma whom by the way was in the same room as us. I said he could and he asked me how to spell a couple of words starting with the word love, I told him L O V E and he quickly pressed on the keys. Then he asked me how to send it so I told him hit the send key and showed him where it was. Mi chica got the text and texted him right back, he understood most of the message she sent him so he sent her another one, and grandma replied. Here's what is amazing to me, I didn't show his how to reply, in a matter of seconds he had figured it out and he texted his grandma for the next half hour. He knew what she was saying and he wrote all his little messages by himself. Mi chica was laughing and showing me how he spelled some of the words, obviously they were wrong but by looking at the letter we knew exactly what he was saying. Totally amazing to me.


I'll add more tidbits as my brain wakes up.



ChrisJ said...

Oh how my husband loves a good cup of coffee! Me, I mostly drink tea now. I used to drink coffee but my Dr. said no and my tea is very weak. What they don't know is how much sugar I put in!!!

Michelle said...

Diego texting was funny. He spelled "Muah" (as in a kiss)... "Mmmmmoa" LOL

Jose said...

chris - I only take one tea spoon of sugar. I am starting to drink tea too but prefer my coffee.

michelle - He also wanted to say "it's so likely" but he wrote it "itsso likle".

Chely said...

I can only enjoy my Orange Capuccino, once-a-day! Mmm, Mmm=p

Diego texting is so cute. These kids now-a-days. I remember when I was in kindergarten and my dad used to alow me to place the needle on the record on his old record player. I thought I was
B A D.


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