Friday, August 28, 2009


As I have said before, I love the weekends but I just think they get here way too fast which now that I'm about to hit the big 5-0 is not to appealing. Can't believe it's Friday again.

This morning I got the car out from the garage and realized that the weather was perfect for top down so I drove in to work topless. Traffic is still very light, even with the kids back to school there are no big traffic jams, it's been a very enjoyable 35 minute drive every morning for the past 8 months or so.

I came in to work to find out there were bagels in the lunch room courtesy of one of our Account Executives. It is always nice to see how some people share the wealth with the support team even during hard times, but also people like this are the ones that normally succeed. I had a cinnamon bagel with regular flavor shmear.

In the saga of Diego's texting, yesterday we found a new target. I dialed my daughter's number and gave the phone to him. He immediately started with the normal phrases he already knows such as "I love you" except he wrote "i love you teeoncol = I love you tia Nichole" next he wrote "i am haflo hiu timithello" (This one I couldn't transalte - lol), then he wrote "i sedtelmiselloyo ised hiy = I said tell my tio Loyiel I said hi" (oh, now I know what he said in the previous text) then he wrote "yes but i amyooseg ni gapfon wino" (I never knew Diego could write German).

NextI know my phone rings and it's Nikki, except the call drops so mi chica calls her for me on her phone and passes it to me.

Nikki: Hi Dad
Me: Hi baby, did you call me?
Nikki: Yes, I did
Me: Did you like texting Diego?
Nikki: Diego? No wonder! Now it makes sense, I though it was you. (Probably thought I had forgotten how to write).

Once I told her the texts were from Diego all of a sudden she could read them. Ummm, we need to find a new target today for Diego to text. Who'll be next?

My allergies are back and are kicking my butt... achoo!



Michelle said...

I was literally cracking up reading about Diego texting Nichole. Oh that is sooooo funny! Man I really seriously couldn't stop laughing. Haha

Oh and you we're embarrassed going to work topless? I would be. ;)

Jose said...

michelle - Well, your son makes me crack up too. I love his word compositon, he'll be bloggin' in no time I tell ya.

Me? Embarrassed to go topless... never!

Michelle said...

Diego recently asked me how old he has to be to have a blog. Funny huh!

Jose said...

michelle - This kid is so ahead of his time. He sees we all have one so he too wants one.

Nikki said...

Mmm we'll kill for Einsteins Bagels at work... well, we eat ANYTHING you place in front of us, but einsteins we absolutely <333

and psh, the garlic schmear is the besttt dad..

AND yes, he loves his teeoncol

Chely said...

I trip out on how you make everything an adventure. Thanks for the heads-up on text targeting, I'll be on the lookout, just in case=)

Sorry to hear about your allergies. I hope you feel better today. But this weather is terrible.

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