Monday, August 31, 2009

The Weekend In Review

We are scheduled to have another scorcher of a day, the forecast said 110 high for today, however I had another very enjoyable drive to work. No traffic and beautiful weather for top down again.

I'm back on my allergy pills but I think it would really help if I didn't forget to take them. Yesterday in the afternoon I meant to take a nap and winded up sleeping for like five hours, then woke up and caught up with my recorded shows before I went to bed again. Today I feel good and ready to tackle anything that comes my way.

Yesterday was my granddaughter's birthday celebration, I can't believe she is now eight years old. We had a nice time but most importantly the kids had a great time. It was a swimming pool party and the weather was perfect for it. Nachos, punch, and cake were served and I kept seeing people go back for seconds. Can't really go wrong with Nachos bathed in cheese and topped with ground beef and sliced jalapeƱos.

My six year old grand son Diego was hired by me to take pictures of the event, so the following are all his captures.

Nanni's grandma makes the coolest looking and most delicious cakes.

Happy eight birthday Brianna.

Not my favorite of traditions but done time and time again.

Birthday girl!

When you are a kid this is the most exciting moment... the presents!



MrManuel said...

You had me up until the cake on the face! As a man who can't even get food on his fingers without freaking out, food on the face crosses the line! lol

Michelle said...

Nani looked so cute!

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