Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Another Road Trip

Again the week is going too fast, just two more days and another weekend is here. This one I know many of you are really looking forward to as it's a long weekend. Since mi chica normally only rests on Sunday she will have a two day weekend for a change, so we decided to take a quick trip to California.

Since we are creatures of habit we will be leaving as soon as she comes home on Saturday and hope to get there before midnight just in time for... yeap you guessed it Rambo's Tacos. For us going to Rambo's must be the first order of business upon arriving there.

Sunday will be the day we have available to go out and do something. Mi chica is not a fan of taking pictures like I am so I doubt I'll be photo hunting again but thankfully my camera is small enough to travel with me in my pants' pocket. You never know when a good capture may present itself. Then on Monday we'll be back on the road again on our way to Phoenix.

There's always some sort of plan or itinerary when we go to Cali but I also like it when there's no plan and we decide on what to do as we go along. The main goal is to visit mi chica's brother(s) as well as my sister and family. It should be fun and it will be great to get away from Phoenix.

I must admit I am dreading the California heat which normally is very humid, yes I live in the desert and it's very hot but our houses are equiped to handle it. There we'll be lucky if they can open all the windows and maybe have a fan or two.



Chely said...

lol - I told Vanessa to bring 1 fan along with her, just in case.

I'm looking forward to having you guys here and I hope this trip is a memorable one as well.



MrManuel said...

You guys just need to get it over with and move to California!

Jose said...

Oh no, no, no, no. Arizona is the home for me. After this weekend well go back on the weekend of the 26th and then that's probably the last time this year... I said probably.

jan said...

The part of California where I live (central valley) is totally low humidity. You must go to the wrong spots. :)

Jose said...

No, we go to the right spots, I know because I always find my relatives there. lol West Covina and La Puente is where we visit.

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