Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Anticipation Mounts

The day is getting closer, comes Friday the 18th I'll be 50 years old and the buzz around this place is that a big fiesta is going to be taking place. It's obvious that something this big could not be kept a secret so I've known about it for quite a while as mi chica and my daughter have been planning this for quited a while now. However some of the details have been leaked and I am letting you in the secret.

The fiesta will definitely have a Mexican motif. The invitations were pretty cute and mimicked a Mexican serape. The beer and sodas are of the Mexican kind, heck I'm even having pinatas. But knowing mi chica and my family there is probably so much more going on that they are definitely not telling this old soul. Well I know some of it had to be kept secret.

Since the fiesta will take place in the backyard at my sister's house in Phoenix, we are praying and hoping for a break in the weather. Yes, it's still hot here believe it or not.

I am sure that I will be blogging about it for a few days after it all happens, I get the feeling that there will be plenty to blog about.

My co-workers, my fellow car club members, my biker friends, my karaoke family, even some of my blogger friends were invited, not too mention the one or two hundred family members that will most likely be here.

That I remember I have only had one birthday celebration fiesta about three years ago but I know it pales in comparison to this one. To say I am excited is an understatement, after all the big 5-0 is indeed a milestone in anybodies life. I am ready to get there and to embrace it, I have never been afraid of getting old, in my case I am thankful that God is allowing me to continue getting old.

But what is old, really? I am still in good shape, I am not on meds yet, and I pretty much still do the things I like to do without a problem. Yep, as far as I'm concerned and like the song says, God is good, life is great, and people are crazy but that's what makes the world spin. Me... not old by a long shot.

Stay tuned for more as it is revealed to me. Also I want to thank my dear friend Wanda of Brushstrokes from the heart for the awesome present she sent me for my birthday, she know how much I cherish her original artwork and the original print she sent me will take a nice chunk of space in one of my walls pretty soon. More on this to come as well, stay tuned.



Tara said...

I am sure it will be a wonderful celebration :D

Michelle said...

The song says “God is great, beer is good and People Are Crazy”

And I am pretty excited too. I am hoping the weather is just wonderful.

Jose said...

Tara - I have a feeling it will, I wish you were here celebrating with me.

Michelle - I know but had to change it a little bit for posting purposes. Oh, and beer is good.

Maryita said...

Haha tio. anyway...Im excited for youre party too! Well excited because I see youre excited! :) Love You!

Chely said...

We are all getting ready for the trip to AZ for this big event. My daughters will arrive first with Crystal and her boyfriend and I will arrive bright and early Saturday morning along with my posee! (Is that the way you spell it???)

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