Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's Getting Closer

So here is my question, are students back to school in full force or are people back to work? For the past two weeks I have been catching traffic on the freeway that I had not seen almost all year long. This morning it was bumper to bumper traffic. At least the weather has changed so nicely that a top down was all I needed to enjoy the commute to work, traffic and all.

The countdown continues, two more days for my birthday, yey. Did I mention that the cake's flavor will be French Vanilla, ummmm que rico! Once again Linda will be baking it, I am not a cake eater but Linda's cakes are the best. I told you I would pass on the information as it was leaked. lol

There will be a DJ, unfortunately it won't be my brother as he's hectic scheduled did not allow him to DJ for me. It's sort of a bummer but what can you do. However mi chica is very resourceful and found one where she least expected it... at work.

I am really excited to be reaching the 5-0 mark. I try to think of me as a fine wine that only gets better with time. OK, if I don't tell that to myself who will right?

OK, until I am a little hungry so I am going to heat up one of my burritos so I can have breakfast. Until the next time.

My dear friend Wanda captured this image a couple of years back and published it in her blog. Eventually she water painted her own rendition of it.

This week the mailman brought this envelope and it contained an original print of this very image signed by her as my birthday present. Pretty soon I will post of picture of that but first it must be framed.

This has been one of my favorites ever since.


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