Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Fiesta

What an elaborate set up, there were plenty of tables for all the guests.
Notice the black clouds in the sky. Looked like rain.

And finally the day of the party came. Our California relatives got here on Friday night and Saturday morning. Everything was ready but to me everything was still a mystery, all I knew was there was a party about to happen but I had no idea of what mi chica had in store fore me.

I spent most of my morning in anticipation of what was to come, to kindda take my mind off things I run some errands in the morning, my black slacks were no where to be found so I had to go and find me a new pair, also buying some more beer and fresh flowers was in my to do list. Once that was accomplished I went back home and took a little nap, I found out earlier in life that naps are great time killers.

At around 5:00 pm mi chica and I headed out to my sister's house where the party would take place. Driving into Phoenix I noticed that the sky threatened to spoil things a bit, dark clouds had move in and we thought for sure a monsoon would visit.

Upon getting there they started putting the table decorations which had a plethora of Mexican related articles such as a Mexican hat, a Mexican soda, Mexican candy, and some Mexican toys. The flower vases were made out of "Salsa del Pato" hot sauce cans, and there was a tin luminary on each table. I am sure I mentioned before the party had a Mexican motif.

There definitely was a feeling that a Mexican Fiesta was about to happen. Just look at all those table decorations.

It took a good forty minutes to set all the table arrangements, everything look so good and pretty and then all of a sudden a gust of wind came and in 30 seconds undid every thing they had made so far, yes Mother Nature wanted to crash my party and it did.

Obviously I started taking pictures and capturing images as soon as I got there. The weather was a little on the hot side but it was bearable, normally our California guests complain a lot but I don't think I heard even one complain. Actually once the sun went down and the threat of a monsoon passed, we were getting this rather nice wind gusts that felt so good.

Ah, for those of you that still haven't met mi chica please allow me to introduce her to you. She planned this moment for the past six months along with my daughter. Yes I am lucky and I know it.

Exactly at 5:30 pm guests started showing up, and little by little a once empty backyard started getting full. The DJ got there early and immediately set his equipment up, the soft welcoming music started playing, yes we had all the makings of a fun party.

The DJ set up pretty early and started jammin' even before the guests had arrived.

But what happened next I leave for another post.



Elena said...

Gracias por la resena de la parte del set up que me perdi pero lo que sigue es lo mejor, nos divertimos como locos. Happy birthday otra ves querido brother.

Tara said...

That is great Jose! I can't wait to read the next post!

Michelle said...

Oh I am so anxious to know what happened next! Oh wait... I was there... I remember.

MrManuel said...

Man, that looks like a good party! Can't wait to see what happens next!

Chely said...

So...the party began at 5:30? And I thought that I was VERY late! Good thing I didn't miss much.

Thanks for posting "Before Pictures". I enjoyed checking the decorations out. Your Chica and Michelle are very creative.

Footnote: I noticed you changed the number of cakes (you had originaly commented there were 3. Good thing, I was getting ready to ask you if at 50 your vision faulters? - lol=D

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