Monday, September 21, 2009

A Charro Came and Sang For Us...

Not one, not two, not three but four cakes. How awesome was that?

So, the guests started coming in and it didn't take long until we had a pretty full backyard. My biker buddies, Mustang fellow club members, karaoke friends, work mates, and of course my huge family.

There was still plenty of daylight, mi chica asked everyone to please take a seat, I was still taking pictures when she said, "To you I order you to take a seat". I knew then she had some sort of a surprise. The music started playing a little louder than before, it was a popular Mexican song and I was about to start singing on my own when this mariachi looking seƱor comes out from inside the house microphone in hand and singing a the top of his lungs.

This guy was great, good singing backed up by good comedy. Gabriel Garcia is his name and besides singing he also teaches music. He gives guitar lessons, singing lessons, art lessons, and acting lessons. (480) 522-9515 and (480) 329-1035 or email at

Wow, mi chica had hired an entertainer to sing to us while we ate. LOL Except the food people were an hour late which thanks to the singer was not too bad a wait. Besides the food was worth the wait as the tacos were sooooooo tasty. It has become very popular among us Mexicanos to hire a caterer that prepares what we call a "taquisa". The plate consisted of tacos with three different choices of meat, salsa bar, rice and beans, ummmmm, ummmmmm, ummmmmm, tacos, you can't ever go wrong if you serve tacos at a party.

The tacos were so good the line was solid for well over an hour. Many came back for seconds, and so did I.

The entertainer had been hired for two hours but he stayed an additional hour courtesy of my brother in law and my sister. This guy not only sang nice but he also kept us laughing with a plethora of jokes. And additional surprise and definite crowd please was when his son whom I estimate was about seven or eight years old came out also dressed in his charro outfit and sang two songs to every ones delight.

El Charrito sang so good that he got the biggest ovation.

Even I had a turn at the mic as he graciously offer it to anyone who wanted to sing. So my sister and I sang a song but she claimed I kept singing in her tone. Hey I never claimed to be a professional. lol

My sister and I doing a duet.

As far as the food go, there was plenty of it. Normally food runs out within the two allotted hours for dinner, mi chica made sure and ordered enough to ensure that everyone was fed, heck most of us went for seconds and still the food didn't run out. Way to go baby!

The taco line kept forming for almost two hours, poor taco guy, he probably needed a brake but that was not about to happen. All of a sudden I saw mi chica take center stage holding a mic, she asked for our attention and pretty much came out with yet another surprise...

But that story will have to wait for the next post.



Nikki said...

UGH the suspense is KILLING ME!!! What happened next, dad?!

=) I kid, i kid...

And LOOOOL....

u said.. plethora.... when talking about a mexican fiesta... lool...

Elena said...

Me tienes intrigada con tu blog de continuara como las novelas, claro que estbe alli pero necesito ver tu version de los hechos, gracias.

Jose said...

Yes Nikki we even had a plethora of pinatas. For a moment there I felt I was El Guapo.

ChrisJ said...

Yummy tacos and great music! Not to mention all your good looking family. Who could ask for more!

Chely said...

Dear Brother, you forgot that when we sing "PERDON" you are supposed to be Alejandro, not Chente!

But that's OK, I enjoy singing with you no matter how many times you mess up=D LOL

Jose said...

Nikki - You'll just have to come back to read the conclusion of the birthday saga.

elena - Tu sabes que cuando escribo le invento cosas a la historia. Je, je que tramposo soy.

Chris - Not I, what they did for me was more than enough. Mi chica outdid herself. The food was soooo good.

Chely - Para la proxima OK, maybe as soon as Saturday. Tal vez cantemos la de "Amor de Bueno" asi tu cantas los uuuuu uuuuu uuuuuus.

MrManuel said...

One of my dreams is to have Mariachis at a birthday for me. This is close enough! What an AWESOME time!

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