Friday, September 04, 2009

First Friday and More

It's Friday once again, the nice thing about this weekend is that it will be long, I know many will complain and challenge me by saying that it's not long enough but all things considered for mi chica and I it will be. It is rare for mi chica to have two consecutive days off from work so we will take this rare opportunity and take a quick impromptu road trip to California.

In the meantime tonight I am planning to go to "First Friday" in Downtown Phoenix.

First Friday in Phoenix.
Open studios tours are a good way to experience art and artists. Every first Friday evening of each month you can take a free self-guided tour of downtown Phoenix galleries, studios and art spaces. It's called First Friday. First Friday is organized by Artlink, a nonprofit organization "...dedicated to bringing together artists, the public, and businesses for a greater understanding, appreciation, and promotion of the arts and the development of a strong and vital downtown Phoenix arts community."

Free shuttle rides will take you from one gallerie to the next during "First Friday".

Since I started doing the frames I have been interested in finding out ways of promoting them. Everybody keeps telling me that "First Friday" would be a perfect venue for me to promote and sell our frame images. So, tonight we are going to go and explore the possibilites.

All images on this post borrowed from the Internet.


Wanda said...

Jose, sorry I haven't been visiting your Joe Cool blog lately... so much going on, and for some reason, my mouse just hits on your Arizona blog.

I do think of you often, and will be getting your little Birthday Gift in the mail soon.

Love and Hugs

Jose said...

Wanda - I know these are hard times and that you have been very busy. Do not worry about visiting often or commenting, that is unimportant, I know eventually you'll come and visit. Take care of yourself and stay in touch.

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