Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Party Extras

I would like to share these two images with all of you. It's not often that both families are together. On mi chica's side only one brother couldn't make the trip to Arizona and is missing in the picture.

Mi chica and her family minus one brother that could not attend the fiesta.

And this is Mi Familia.

I have a true belief that family should always come first, without a family we are nothing. Even when sometimes things don't go as they should there are always occasions that will reunite most if not all family members. I was blessed to have everyone that mattered celebrating with me last Saturday.


While on the subject of family my little sister will have a birthday too. She has dubbed her celebration "Quincea├▒era X3".

The background on this invitation is Chely's actual "Quincea ├▒era" dress" More on this on a future post.

I'll be leaving for La Puente California yet one more time. My third road trip in two months. I am excited to attend her party. She chose to host a melo-duckworth originalz photo exhibition in conjunction with her party so I am definitely double excited.

To see the detail please click on images to enlarge.

Images courtesy of: Michelle Duckworth of Duckworth Photography
Invitation art by: Nikki Duckworth



Chely said...

Well, I'm stealing these two beautiful family pictures and they're going straight into my little digital frame=)

Jose said...

Be my guest. lol I took them from Michelle anyway. Dicen que ladron que roba a ladron tiene mil anos de perdon.

Erin said...

I love the pictures of both families... you guys sure do have a wonderful family!!

Enjoy the trip to California!!

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