Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And Then They Danced For Me

Ha, ha, ha bunch of liars, you keep telling me that the suspense is killing you, well I am here to wrap it all up. So far it's all been fun, and we haven't even started dancing yet. Some of my friends had to leave early and they were starting to say good bye when mi chica stopped them and asked them to sit down just for a few more minutes.

Next thing I know my microphone shy chica is holding a microphone and talking to the guests. She told us that all the girls in my life (at least they represented all of them) had prepared a dance for me and they were about to perform it. She proceeded to let us know that my two daughters, two of my grand daughters, my goddaughter, three of my sisters, my sister in law, and my daughter in law, along with my nieces were going to perform their original version of "El Jarabe Zapatio". (Yeah, she even changed the name of the song).

I had no idea they had planned this for me and I was overwhelmed with emotion. I was told they practiced maybe once back in June and then again before they actually performed it. My goddaughter wasn't even part of the group but she learned it in just a few minutes.

I was surprised to see that the Mexican motif carried even in the way they were all dressed. They all looked so pretty as "The Adelitas" with their rebozos. I caught a glimpse of mi chica dancing along with all of them from the side lines like a proud mama.

After that awesome performance we started to dance and kept dancing until past midnight. For the first time in a long time we were not asked to turn things off by the cops. We ended the fiesta when we wanted and not when the neighbors wanted.

I don't normally drink and yet I got five or six bottles of tequila. We opened two of them and we started drinking shots. I kept up with everyone else and yet didn't even feel buzzed. Oh, I was drunk alright but I felt fine all the time. The same could not be said for some of my drinking partners. (can you say barf) All I can say is... lightweights. lol -- My hangover consisted of a mild headache which was immediately taken care of by two aspirins.

Well, that pretty much sums up the fiesta. It was extremely well planned and executed, the guests had fun, my family had fun, but most importantly I had a blast. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful wife... errr chica that loves me enough to put herself through months of stress just to carry this through.

Thanks to all that participated and celebrated with me this milestone in my life.

All images on this post courtesy of Michelle Duckworth Photograhy.


Nikki said...

Yay!! I KNEW it would end awesome! ;)

We had tons of fun too dad. Even the whole "expensive hat" situation blew over in minutes...nothing could ruin the fun night!

And whatever...mister "You're a drinker now" I drank maybe a WHOLE beer lol. Half of the first, and half of the second haha. I normally handly (aside from MY birthday) my liquor very well, so I MUST get it from you... :D

P.S. Remind me to take you your gift! I forgot it!

Nikki said...

handly? I meant HANDLE lol...

MrManuel said...

I knew there would be dancing and singing!

Elena said...

Pura vida!!!!

Chely said...

I enjoyed myself very, very much! Everything was so pretty. I'm so glad you enjoyed this day Fide. That's what it was all about=D

As for me, as long as there is food, music, karaoke, friends and my beautiful family, I'm happy.

Let's do it again=D It's my turn now!! - lol

Chely said...

P.S. I had a blast teaching to and dancing "El Jarabe Tapatio" with all the women in your life.

Let me tell you...I was impressed with their dancing talent and humbled with their expression of love in learning it so quickly and presenting this to you.

Your Women - They are awesome!<3

Michelle said...

Wow that was fun! It's kinda like I was there! :P

Tara said...

That is fantastic Jose! You are truly blessed with a wonderful family :)

Kika said...

It was truly an act coming from all our hearts! I was very surprised that Paula wanted to join in cause she's usually not into that stuff. I think what added to our successful Jarabe was the fact that we wanted tacos! but mostly for you but on second thought the tacos were an added incentive!
As for the "Borrachos" of the night, yeah I still have proof in my car that "someone" is a lighweight and got sick.
Fun times!!!! Ahua!!!!!

Wanda said...

What a fabulous party....You are blessed with a great family, and they are blessed to have you!

Would have loved to see the girls dance for you!!


Jose said...

Wanda, you would have loved it. They were fantastic.

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