Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Best Friend Indeed

I was checking my Face Book wall to see what was new and to post some comments. I started scrolling down and commented on a couple of the comments from family and friends, I continued scrolling down and found a post by my friend Tara. It was a portrait and I simply commented "I want one".

Her reply came back almost immediately "Really? Who did you have in mind for me to paint Jose?"

"Wow, you are giving me a choice, I was just shooting for a Tara original." I replied.

Then she said, "You's funny you should mention this because I was thinking of a picture to do for you recently. Let me see what I can do Jose and I will get back to you :)"

Not even in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the very next day I would get a Tag from Tara on my face book page, and when I clicked on the link I swear my heart almost popped out of my chest when I saw what she painted for me.

This is a portrait of my dad taken from a picture from Christmas Eve 2003.

I met Tara about three years ago through Blog Explosion and we have been good friends ever since. In real life I have very few friends, you can count them with one hand however some of my best friends I know only through this virtual world provided by the Internet. To quote another friend, "Just because we use machines to communicate it doesn't make us less human".

Tara is one of those best friends and I am proud to be counted among her friends.

Tara is the author of "Soul Weep" and
"Too Many Tracks for the Train to Follow"

To read more of her writings visit her blog Soul Blessings at



Michelle said...

I saw it when I was scrolling through my facebook page too! I thought I recognized it and immediately clicked on it. The only thing I could say was "Wow" as I showed it to Jr. It is so very cool of her. I hadn't seen the ones she did before but I looked through them after I saw my Abuelito. Great job Tara! That is so AWESOME of her!

Tara said...

Thank you Jose! I, too, am proud to be your friend! :)

And I have to say, Michelle...I was so relieved when you said you recognized the face in the picture! I was worried it didn't look enough like him.

Thank you both for the comments!

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness..... Jose that is breathtaking. Tera did a fantastic job. I love seeing other artist's work.

And you are right, being in the ministry for so many years I have a lot of personal friends.... but some of my closest ones are my blog friends, and you are at the top of that list.


ChrisJ said...

That is a wonderful painting! Faces are so hard to do. The painting of the car is on my list opf things to do this weekend. Lots of things going on -- mostly good -- but time consuming. Friends are good to have!

Marya said...

Awww-Wow! Good Job Tara! When I saw this my eyes got all water-y. :) Beautiful Painting of my abuelito looks just like him!. :)

Chely said...


I too was scrolling down my Facebook page when I saw this picture.

I immediately recognized the image. I knew exactly what picture this was. The resemblance is outstanding! You definitely captured the essence of this picture.

As you can see, the loving effect you provided in your drawing touched more family members than just my brother=) - Thank you for taking the time to do this and for bringing a beautiful tear to our eyes. <3 CHELY

Betty F said...

What an incredible gift. Tara sounds like a wonderful wonderful person. I love that picture of your dad.

Elena said...

Mil gracias Tara, eres una extrordinria artista. El Papa Juan XXIII decia que "cuando una sonrisa nace entre una lagrima, el cielo se habre", y eso es lo que tu lograste con tu retrato, la emocion de todos nosotros recordando la memoria de ese ser tan amado, mi padre.
(traduccion Chely please).

Nikki said...

Wow, how did I miss that on FaceBook?

*standing O*

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