Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Petersen House Museum

The Niels Petersen House
Historic Site
1414 W. Southern
Tempe, Arizona

The other day I had to go to a WalMart so I went to a new one in Tempe. While looking for it as I cruised down Southern roughly about 10 minutes away from my work I noticed The Niels Petersen House, a historic site in Tempe, Arizona.

I bowed to come one day during my lunch to see the house. So, today I decided to get lunch around that area so I could stop to photograph this landmark. The house a Queen Anne Victorian/Bungalow was designed by architect James Creighton and built on the homestead back in 1892.

Different scenes and views of the house.

Unfortunately I did not see anyone to let me in, the house was supposed to be open and probably was, I wonder if the caretakers were inside having lunch, after all I did go during my lunch time. This only means I have to go back again to see the interior, luckily for me and as I said before it's only about 10 minutes away from where work.

I read somewhere that the two story interior is comprised of thirteen rooms. Lots of stained glass and brass hardware on the doors, windows, and moldings. I will definitely make the trip back again but next time I will call ahead of time to make sure someone is there to give me the guided tour.

I am hoping that like The Homestead Museum in City of Industry, California here too they will allow for indoor photography. I am sure that the house interior is pretty breathtaking and a cool blast from the past.

The bungalow style porch was added in 1930.

The tin shed in the rear part of the house had plenty of character.

Plenty of green stuff around the house, including the awesome and well groomed grass.

Until I go back to visit the inside, I hope you enjoyed the tour of the outside of this historic site.

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Chely said...

Pretty cool. Reminds me of our house on 21st Street. Interested in viewing more pictures when you finally get it=)



MrManuel said...

I'd love to shoot an old house like that...would be so fun!

Elena said...

Muy bonita, este es el tipo de casas que te preguntas que habra adentro. Voy a esperar que vallas y nos muestres lo que hay.

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