Sunday, October 11, 2009


Oh wow! What wonderful weather we are having these days, no doubt this I can live with year-round. The drive in to work today was awesome, I'm still wearing shorts, and I drove with the top down, how awesome is that? To that add the fact that due to the federal holiday there was not as much traffic which made me get to work almost half an hour early. I so wish it was like this daily.

I was a little reluctant on the way in as my car died on my last Friday as I was leaving work. I only got to the first stop when the car went dead. I had a line of cars behind me and I had to push the car by myself while steering it to put it against the curb. I didn't know how hard that steering wheel was to turn until my muscles started hurting from pulling so hard.

The car wouldn't start so I opened the hood and started it from the engine with a screw driver, then drove it home on the street. Twice it felt like it was going to give up on me but fortunately it got me all the way home. The next day my father in law went to check it but of course it started and drove as if nothing had happened. So, now it will either do it again or maybe it was just a one time mishap. I guess I'll soon find out.

This one really take me back to those cruising days in Cali.

As I was driving in today top down, not traffic, and pure enjoyment, I started reminiscing about my cruising days. I think I may have touched on the subject before but really I am sad that the new generation didn't get to experience the cruising scene. Most cities had a hot cruising spot or two but I happened to grow up in a state that had the best cruising spots in the country.

Van Nuys Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard, Puente Hills Mall, Pacific Boulevard, and of course the grand daddy of all cruising spots Whittier Blvd. Nothing came close to cruising up and down Whittier Blvd. in my 1971 Chevy Impala, or in my 1980 Kawasaki KZ400 lowrider bike or later on my 1980 Chevy Luv which I turned into a convertible mini truck. Oh those were the days.

I really think that it would be awesome to cruise in my Mustang, although a Mustang is built more for speed that for cruising but still I am sure it would be loads of fun.

Funny how memories just come out when you least expect them. That's the beauty of memories if you put some regularly in your memory bank, they will be there just waiting for you to make a withdrawal and they will always be yours.

Let the music take your mind, ooh
Just release & you will find
You're gonna fly away
Glad you're goin' my way
I love it when we're cruisin' together
The music is played for love,
Cruisin' is made for love
I love it when we're cruisin' together



kika said...

I remember cruising with you at the puente hills mall. I finally discovered that you would take me along so I could catch the bugs with my hair! lol!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, I once bumped into one of the guys from a lighter shade of brown while shopping at Target. Weird

MrManuel said...

Yeah, my friends and I were never into the cruising thing. If we were in a car, we were actually going somewhere. Gas prices nowadays probably keeps current generations from doing it.

I hope your car stays healthy and doesn't act up again.

ChrisJ said...

Hey, Jose! I got a photo of that car today that is on your banner. I do believe it is the same one! It's a mustang anyway. I will try to post it tomorrow and then I will paint a picture of it for you!

Michelle said...

Juan took me crossing on Mill a few times as a teenager... does that count? LOL

amy said...

I love it when memories do that too my friend..Glad you are having some awesome weather!

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