Friday, October 09, 2009

Going Green!

Everybody wants to be a Martian now. Seems to me everywhere I turn people claim to be going green. Ummm, makes me think if green is the new pink. Will "turning green with envy"
I was just wondering because I read that statement in about five different Internet pages today. People are using the terms "Going Green" and "Stimulus" like there's no tomorrow, I just wish they all meant it and not just use it as a hook.


And on to another topic, I did hang the frame of the "Old Truck" that Wanda sent to me and it looks great hanging from the wall. I just thought I show you how it looks.

What do you think?



ChrisJ said...

I think it's great! I'm still working on trying to get a photo of that snazzy orange car that keeps being parked about half a mile away. But it's not there all the time. It looks just like the one on your banner.

Michelle said...

I sure do like that frame!

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