Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tidbits For Today

A week ago it was hot, this morning everyone is running to get the sweat shirts and jackets out of the closets. Phoenix, we always go from hot to cold in a matter of days, we hardly ever get the in-between. So today I am still wearing shorts but had to find me a sweatshirt to keep my upper body warm. If this weather continues all my shorts will have to be put away until next summer.

For some reason unbeknownst to me I just could not wake up this morning, I actually woke up just fine, but once I got to work I could have just found a little hole to take a nap, instead I had to get me a coffee which I'm trying to cut down and then opted to take a walk around the block, that actually helped a little bit better.

But finally I felt a lot better at lunch time. Courtesy of a trucking company I use I was treated to lunch by my rep at his favorite restaurant Z-Tejas. I've been there many time now and it's always very good. Darn soda glass, if you finish it the fill it up immediately. Also their corn bread is one of the best around. Ummmm que rico!

At work, bottles of hand sanitizing gel were placed all over the company. I think, some of us don't think much of sanitizing our hands as of smelling the gel. It smells so good, you can get a mini high (not that I ever get high)with the smell of alcohol. Ummm somewhat addicting.

Today I stay with my mom at her house, also I start Bible studies. Wow! Finally. I am looking forward to both. I will be great since both mi chica and I are getting one on one lessons given to us by my wonderful sister.

Later readers.



Ade said...

Me da gusto que empieces con las clases de biblia y prefieras conocer primero lo que nosotros tenemos antes de pensar siquiera en cambiar que yo se le vas a entender y te va a gustar.

Chely said...

Let me tell you...it took Elena 2 years to finally convince me to attend a Bible Class. It was at these classes that I finally undertood who Jesus is in my life. It it thanks to these classes that I now have a beautiful relationship with God=)

I trully hope that they too become a turning point in your & your chica's life.

I will be looking forward to reading on your experience.


Your little sister - Chely<3

Michelle said...

Is THAT where my Mom went?! I see well cool!

And I am jealous of the Z-Tejas... I remember going once with you and the food was good.

MrManuel said...

I have been pretty addicted to hand sanitizer the last couple of months. Wife thinks I might be becoming a germaphobe.

Elena said...

You and your chica are very welcome, le pido a nuestro Senor que este sea el principio de un gran amor, el amor de Dios.
I love you.

ChrisJ said...

Your weather has been like our weather, Jose.

It should be warming up by the weekend, I hope. I would love to sit in on one of your sister's classes!

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